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2022 recap

I got an email from a lender a few weeks ago talking about how 2022 was probably the worst year for Realtors in a long time and to persevere until things got better next year. It made me pause and reflect on the year that I had and I must say, 2022 was probably the...

Christmas on Mercer | Magnolia Realty Austin Hill Country

Lauren Clark, Magnolia Realty Austin Hill Country as the Grinch

Christmas on Mercer is such a fun community event each year in Dripping Springs! My real estate office, Magnolia Realty Austin Hill Country, is located behind Mazama Coffee on College Ave. and we always have booths at the local festivals and events. Last year was my first year with Magnolia Realty and I loved having...

Magnolia Realty Client Appreciation Event

There are so many wonderful benefits to working for Cody George with Magnolia Realty Austin Hill Country. Not only do I work with some of the most generous and upstanding Realtors in Austin, but we get to share in the benefits for working for a huge company with an impeccable reputation- Magnolia! I remember going...

History of Dripping Springs

It’s weird to walk around a town that’s been around for over 150 years and wonder what life was like before Teslas filled the parking lots and busy people hurry around from place to place staring at their phones. I was driving back from Lubbock this weekend and was listening to an audiobook about a...

When a Realtor goes on vacation

I have always heard that when you go on vacation as a Realtor your phone rings non-stop and you can expect to be helping clients and solving problems on the phone the entire time as your family sits there eyeing you on the phone. I can say that I was nervous that this would happen...

Client Appreciation event at the Magnolia Silos

It has been a minute since I’ve shown up on the blog! I had a spare hour and wanted to jump on here and share a fun event that Magnolia Realty put on for their clients a few months ago. They closed down the Silos to the public and opened all of their magical stores...

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