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“Stonenehenge” | A Real Estate Story

One of the many things that I love about working for Magnolia is that their brand is known for excellence, moral values and authentic customer service. This brand attraction brings people to the Magnolia Realty website from all over the world because “If Chip and Jo trust you, then we trust you, too” . This...

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laurenclark@magnoliarealty.com 512-569-8480

"Lauren has been in continuous contact with us the
entire process so far. Lauren has shared multiple resources
and hidden gems for a family relocating from out of state.

Lauren has been, and is still is readily available by phone,
text or email (in person when needed) when we have ANY
question about the area, the process, the contacts, basically
anything a person relocating could need. Lauren has been,
and will continue to be a great advocate for us with our
home builder."

- David and Lisa
Client Testimonial