New Beginnings: How to build a new Social Circle in Dripping Springs

Moving to a new town like Dripping Springs can be both exciting and challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to meet new people and make friends!

This is one of the areas I consider myself an expert- moving in and digging in right away!

Growing up I moved constantly. It seemed like every two years we were moving homes and towns and I always had the excitement of starting over fresh, but also the fear of not knowing anyone and feeling insecure about making new friends.

In my adult life my husband and I moved from my hometown of Lubbock to Oklahoma and then Kansas City and back to Lubbock again before making our way down to this lush paradise of Dripping Springs! I had all three of my boys out of state and trying to meet new people with babies in tow was hard work. Nap time, tantrums, kid sickness and work scheduling always presented a challenge with meeting and growing roots with other people… but it can be done… and is necessary for a happy and healthy life!

I wanted to share a few practical ways to jump in when moving to this area!

When we first moved here I cannonballed right into the deep end of meeting new people. My broker even said that when I first wanted to join Magnolia Realty that we already had tons of friends in common- and I was the new girl in town!

The town wasn’t as big a few years ago and the main facebook group wasn’t as massive… I think there were 6,000 members when I joined (now there are almost 20k!), but I posted a photo of my kids and introduced our family to the entire Dripping Springs Neighbors facebook group. It could have gone badly, but I made friends and mutual connections instantly! I even went to coffee and hikes with people from that post that same week.

When you move somewhere new you need to jump right in.

Meet your neighbors on the first day so that it isn’t awkward weeks later when you’re passing each other at the mailbox or in the driveway without talking. Take them cookies or cake! Make them a special treat and introduce yourself and your family. My mom taught me to do this with her Texan hospitality and it is such a warm way to meet neighbors and start conversation. I’ve got a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies if you need one!

Let me share some of my favorite strategies for making new friends in Dripping Springs…

  1. Church Groups

If you’re a person of faith, Dripping Springs has many churches that offer opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. From bible study groups, Summer VBS for kids, community social events and more, church groups can be a great way to meet people who share similar values and beliefs.

Click HERE to see a list of local churches to browse or reach out to me and I’m happy to direct you to the kind of church that you might enjoy. I’ve visited many of them in the area! Austin Ridge even has a group called Just Moved to connect other new residents and help them find their people. The methodist church has Moms Connect dinners that you can look into HERE.

Not the church type? Keep reading, there are many ways to meet others!

  1. Meetups and Interest-based Groups

Dripping Springs has a thriving community of individuals with diverse interests and hobbies. One of the best ways to meet people who share your passions is to join local Meetup groups. Whether you’re into hiking, drinking, classic cars, pickleball, reading books, or working out you’re likely to find a group here that caters to your interests.

Just do a quick google search for events, facebook groups or meetups with interests similar to yours and dive in! Veterans and first responders can meet others at the 12 Fox fireside chats, classic car enthusiasts can stop by Speeding Springs or attend a car show at Moxie on the last Sunday of the month, Mamas can find meetups here, take a painting class at Mercer Street Art or a baking class at Barton Springs Mill. Destination Dripping always has the local events and calendar to browse also!

Show up, be courageous and ask good questions.

  1. Networking Groups:

Dripping Springs also has a booming business community, and joining a networking group can be an excellent way to make new friends while also expanding your professional network. Many networking groups in the area organize regular events and meetings where you can meet fellow professionals and entrepreneurs.

I regularly attend the DSCA breakfast, Dripping Womens Entreprenuer lunch and real estate trainings and social events at title companies. By attending networking events, you can strike up conversations, exchange business cards, and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Check out the Chamber of Commerce, MPower, BNI and more! See a need in the community? Create your own group! People are always looking for smaller settings to get to know one another!

  1. Striking up Conversations with Strangers

Dripping Springs is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and striking up conversations with strangers can be a fun and natural way to make new friends. Whether you’re at a local park, gym, brewery, or other social settings, don’t be afraid to start a conversation with someone nearby.

Learn to ask great questions.

Here are a few examples I love…

  1. How long have you lived here? Where did you move from?
  2. What do you enjoy doing for fun? What are you passionate about?
  3. Where do you work? Did you always want to be in that profession?
  4. What are your favorite things to do around town? Places to go?

Becoming a great question asker will drive the conversation to deeper places. Just keep pressing in with genuine care and curiosity!

You might be surprised how quickly you can build connections and potential friendships by simply being friendly and approachable. Go places you enjoy and the chance that you meet people with similar interests will be strong!

  1. Volunteer Organizations

If you’re passionate about giving back to the community, volunteering can be a rewarding way to meet people who share similar values. Dripping Springs has various volunteer organizations that focus on different causes, such as animal welfare, serving people in need, and community outreach. One of my mentors has always told me that a healthy and thriving life always has inflow and outflow. Have people pouring into you and pour out to others.

Volunteering is a great way to do this! Check out a comprehensive list of local places to volunteer HERE

Joining a volunteer group can not only allow you to make a positive impact in the community but also provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Here are a few of my favorites Foster Village, Paws Animal Shelter, Friendship Creekside Food Pantry, DSISD PTA, Hometown Missions, Young Life, Dripping Springs Clean and more!

Don’t be shy, take the initiative, and embrace the friendly vibe of Dripping Springs! It will make all the difference when moving here or anywhere for that matter! I love being a connector and am happy to help suggest new groups or places to go to build community and a life you love in this area.

Just reach out to me and I’m happy to make some connections and introductions! 512-569-8480 or

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