Do you only sell homes in Dripping Springs?

I can help you buy and sell real estate all over the central Texas area! I like to stay within an hour drive from my hometown of Dripping Springs, but sell all over the Austin and Hill Country area. Need to purchase in Leander or Canyon Lake? I can help anywhere in between!


Can you help me sell my house and then find me a good Realtor to work with in another town or state?

YES! I have many connections with wonderful Realtors who have the same values and desire to provide excellent customer service all over the country! I help teach a realtor mastermind group that has agents all over the country, just let me know the area you’re hoping to move to and I can share some names of other Realtors with you.


What are the Pros AND Cons to moving to Dripping Springs?

Want to learn the good AND the bad? I wrote a blog post about everything I could think of to give you a well rounded view of my hometown. Check it out HERE!


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How does the process of beginning to buy or sell work?

Everyone’s situation is different and there can sometimes be a lot of moving pieces involved in buying or selling a house. It’s best to contact me earlier than you think to see what preparation needs to happen with real estate. Here are the basic steps for buying and selling a home…

Buying a home:

  • Decide your criteria and area for the home you’d like to search for
  • Get pre-approved by a LOCAL lender (ask me why!)
  • Tour homes
  • Put in an offer on the one you like best
  • Go under contract and do your due diligence during the option period
  • Meet the conditions from the lender (appraisal and underwriting)
  • Receive the Clear to Close from the lender and title company
  • Close on the home and move in!

Selling a home:

  • Meet with me to talk about the selling process
  • Sign a listing agreement and agency forms
  • Decide on the best market price
  • Declutter and stage the home
  • Photograph the home and begin marketing
  • Go LIVE on the MLS
  • Open houses and showings
  • Negotiate and accept the best offer
  • Negotiate inspection repairs
  • Appraiser sets the value for the buyer’s lender
  • Receive the Clear To Close from the buyer’s lender and title company
  • Close on the home and move out!

Call me today to see what YOUR first steps are! 512-569-8480


Can you help us find a rental house?

If it is in the MLS and in the Dripping Springs area then of course I can!


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Can you help people find investment properties and Short Term Rentals?

Yes! I have sold several investment properties. Just reach out and we can get started!


Who takes all of the photos on your website?

I do! I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 14 and it has been one of the greatest joys of my life!


Is Magnolia Realty part of Magnolia in Waco with Chip and Joanna Gaines?

YES! It is SO fun working for Magnolia! We get so many wonderful perks and it is truly the best company to work for. We have 8 offices up and down Texas on the I-35 corridor and I can help find you the perfect Realtor outside of Austin to help you all the way from San Antonio to Denton, Texas!

I work with the branch of Magnolia Realty that serves Austin and the Hill Country. My broker, Cody George, is one of the original Magnolia Realty office’s first agents. He’s my favorite boss and always has our back with his diplomacy, integrity and depth of experience in this business.


Have any more questions? Just contact me and I’m happy to help.

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Dripping Springs RealtorLauren Clark

Lauren Clark is a passionate and driven Realtor living in Dripping Springs, Texas and serving the entire Austin and Hill Country area. She marries her 21 years of creative marketing skills with the real estate industry to bring you the best experience possible when buying or selling real estate in the Dripping Springs and surrounding areas.


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