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I first heard of Anne (and SawaSawa) through Yazmin with Origin Mexico several months ago and then saw her and her daughter at the premier of Gus Plus Us in September. I knew that she would be an amazing person to introduce you all to!

Hi Anne! Tell us about yourself and your family…

I am a wife, a mom and a member of the Dripping Springs community. I have a 5 and half year old daughter. We have lived in Dripping Springs for over seven years now. We absolutely love it here. It is the perfect place to raise a family and make forever friends. We love the outdoors (without it being too outdoorsy). The ‘drink under the oaks with friends’ is perfect for the weekends.

Drane Family in Westcave Estates Dripping Springs, Texas

What brought you to Dripping Springs?

We lived in Southwest Austin when we first met. We came out to Dripping Springs on the weekends for the unique lifestyle and laid back atmosphere. When our house came on the market, we jumped at the opportunity.

My husband, Walter, knew the area. We knew it would be a great place to start a family. We loved the schools, community and things to do on the weekend. It is close to the lake, shopping in Bee Caves and parks. We are very grateful to live here and make memories for our daughter.

 SawaSawa in Dripping Springs, Texas

How did you and your husband meet?

Walter and I met in Austin. We were both working at the same place. He had moved here from California and I had been here for a couple years from Kenya. I asked him out on a date to explore Austin together. He said yes, we were married a year later. We now explore life together. He is the best.

What is SAWA SAWA?

SAWA SAWA means ‘it will be okay’ in Swahili. It is our promise to the artisan women that have welcomed us into their lives. We are a nonprofit fashion brand.

Our mission is to empower the women to make a sustainable, dignified living using skills passed down through generations. They use ancient skills to create sustainable, earth conscious fashion, art and décor products. We sell them through Amazon, our website, local events and partnerships with boutiques/stores.

We use the revenue to fund programs that improve the quality of life for the women and girls. They include food, water, reproductive health education, menstrual hygiene kits among others.

 SawaSawa in Dripping Springs, Texas

What products do you sell?

Our partnership with the women leads us into such great adventures. Every village is different. We find ourselves carrying various products from art, sandals, apparel, carvings etc. Our main product line is the handwoven bags and baskets that come in small, medium and large totes, crossbody bags, backpacks and baskets.

They are crafted by Bantu tribes in Central and Eastern Kenya. We also carry beaded earrings, bracelets and other accessories hand made by the Maasai tribe. They live one with nature and are tasked with protecting nature and wildlife.

How did you first connect with the bag and accessories makers?

SAWA SAWA started as an accident. I like to think the work chose me. I asked my mom to go to the villages and buy me some authentic Kenyan stuff to remind me of home. Soon, the women were seeking her out to buy their handmade accessories because they needed the money for basic needs. When I became a stay-at-home mom, I decided to get organized, incorporate and really make myself useful to the women.

Our co-founder Catherine and I grew the concept, met more women on both continents that helped us rise into the brand we are today. Being useful to others in a meaningful way is such an amazing gift. It quenches the soul and gives one a sense of purpose.

 SawaSawa bags in Dripping Springs, Texas

What is your favorite piece that you sell?

I love them all. There is always something new. I am at awe of the artisan women, their talent, resiliency and how hard they work. If I had to pick one, it would be the large baskets. They take weeks to weave and a mountain of hard work.

You can see the emotions of the artisan in the different colors and patterns. They are huge too. As a mom, I need something that can tote all of my daughter’s needs around as we drive from one activity to another.

What do you love about running a business in Dripping Springs?

Dripping Springs is blessed with driven female founders that run their own businesses and take charge of their dreams. This has created a thriving community of women supporting women. We share opportunities, ideas and get together often to show support for one another.

 SawaSawa bracelets in Dripping Springs, Texas

How can we help your organization and mission?

There are many ways to help. You can help spread our mission by following us on social media, tagging us, liking and commenting. You can share any ideas you have on opportunities that could benefit us. You can volunteer your time and skills. You can shop or donate to help us raise money for the programs. You can attend our events.

We have an event coming up in December to help us raise money for reproductive health and menstruation hygiene kits for girls and women in Kenya.

If you were to recommend a perfect weekend in Dripping, what would you do and where would you go?

Every weekend in Dripping Springs is a perfect weekend. We have a beautiful, overactive 5-year-old daughter. We love going to various local breweries.

We hang out by the kids play area. She always finds someone she knows from the neighborhood, school or church. We relax under the oaks, sipping a cold one while she plays. There are so many cool spots around. We have some nice date night places as well for those rare weekends.

 SawaSawa in Dripping Springs, Texas

Do you have any secret local spots that you love?

There are no secret spots in the age of the internet however, I love to take a drive on Fitzhugh or Hamilton Pool Road, find a quiet spot with a view and fresh air. It helps me organize my thoughts and relax. I would also recommend a day at Reimers, West Cave or Hamilton Pool – when its not too crowded with tourists.

Anne Drane of SawaSawa in Dripping Springs, Texas

Where can we follow along on your business journey?

You can follow our journey on all major social platforms @sawasawausa. We are on Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler and recently got on TikTok and YouTube. We share our journey through our Amazon brand page as well – please follow our brand.

Please subscribe for updates on our website – shop, donate, share, write about us and reach out to us with any questions or comments. Choose Sawa Sawa Collection as your nonprofit of choice on Amazon smile. We will get a donation every time you shop. Thank you for actively helping us help others. We appreciate you.

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