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It’s not everyday that you meet people who are doing huge things in media (did you know that they produced Carrie Underwood’s music videos??). I remember seeing a lot of people wear Caster Studios hats when we first moved to Dripping. Being a lover of all things media and creativity, I knew that I wanted to meet Nick and Christina Caster!

After being social media acquaintances for a few months, I bumped into them in real life at a Rescue One More event several months ago. I knew they would be an amazing family to feature since they have a large media studio right behind the YMCA in Dripping! These folks are doing some BIG things here!

Let’s introduce you…

Nick and Christina Caster and the Caster family in Dripping Springs, Texas near their studio Caster Studios

Nick…tell us about you and your family…

I’m a husband, a dad, and a filmmaker with a love for music. My wife Christina is a singer, an actress, and she homeschools our two children Brooklyn Blue and Cruz.

We just finished building our house and opening a production studio in Dripping Springs.

Cruz Caster holding a chicken in Dripping Springs, Texas

How long have you lived in Dripping Springs and what drew you here? 

We have been living in Drip for six years now. I have been visiting family in Austin years before around the Bee Cave area. But it was our friends who moved here prior who showed us Dripping Springs, and we fell in love with the location and the people. It felt like home from the start.

chicken held by Christina Caster of Caster Studios, Dripping Springs, Texas

What do you love about having a home with acreage?

Together we always dreamed of acreage. A place for the kids to run and space for animals. We currently have 13 chickens and a barn cat, with plans to add milking goats.  

Nick and Christina Caster of Caster Studios in Dripping Springs, Texas on their homestead

How did you two meet? 

Music brought us together.

Christina was a singer in a band that was looking for a piano player. I knew of her talents prior through seeing her perform on stage though we hadn’t met yet. Our moms got talking and they arranged for me to meet up with her to join a band practice. Christina had insisted on driving me in her stick shift saturn.

Very rock’n’roll stuff. 

Nick and Christina Caster of Caster Studios in Dripping Springs, Texas

How long have you been media producers?

I have been producing for 16 years.

cat in Dripping Springs, Texas

How did you get into that?

I was always interested in films and music. Growing up playing the piano and composing my own music, I believed I was going to be a film composer until I purchased a DSLR Camera and editing software. It sparked my love to combine visuals and music to entertain an audience. With the tools I had, I started creating promo videos for local bands, businesses and nonprofits. 

Up and coming directors started to pass my name around as a producer. So about 2007 we started Caster Studios in my parent’s garage.

My desk was right next to their washer and dryer.

Brooklyn Blue Caster in Dripping Springs, Texas

What all do you do with Caster Studios?

Caster Studios has now evolved into a full entertainment company.

We develop and create Film and TV entertainment, we produce the projects with our amazing production team, and we distribute other films all over the world to streaming platforms. It’s been an amazing journey to watch come to life. 

Christina and Blue Caster in Dripping Springs, Texas

If you were to take your family on an outing in Dripping Springs, what would you do and where would you go?

We love heading to Milton Reimers Ranch Park to hike, swim and fish.

But, the kids still ask daily to go to Mazama

Christina and Blue Caster in Dripping Springs, Texas

What is your top local recommendation for a date night?

Christina and I love Tillies. The atmosphere and the drive there is gorgeous! It’s a beautiful restaurant filled with so much architectural history and situated in the Dripping Springs hill country.

Cruz Caster of Caster Studios Dripping Springs Texas

Tell us about Gus plus Us

Gus Plus Us is a live-action children’s show (made with parents in mind too) about an endearing creature named Gus, who is full of curiosity, creativity, and charm. Every episode begins with Gus against a blank canvas, inviting the viewer to join him on an adventure along with his faithful, zany sidekick Karrot and his whimsical mentor Lucy.

Gus Plus Us creators, Christina and Nick Caster of Caster Studios in Dripping Springs, Texas

The white canvas materializes into a world resembling a life-sized pop-up book, all made from familiar hand-crafted materials and accented with 2D animation. Every adventure reveals something new about life’s elementary mysteries — such as the importance of good values, personal responsibility, and the many incredible wonders that are just outside the door.

Gus Plus Us creators, Christina and Nick Caster of Caster Studios in Dripping Springs, Texas

How did you come up with the idea for this show?

I’ve been playing with puppets since I was a kid to entertain my brother and sister. And now as a dad, I would puppeteer to entertain them and that’s how our characters Gus and Karrot evolved. So I went to Christina and said you’re an actress.

I’m a filmmaker.

Let’s make our own children show.

Our goal was to make a preschool show that the whole family can enjoy. We strongly believed the show had to feel a certain way, look a certain way in order to respect the mind of a child.

Christina Caster pushing her daughter Blue on a tree swing in Dripping Springs, Texas

When does it launch?

Gus Plus Us launches on September 2, 2022.

We will be announcing where you can watch it by August. 

Nick and Christina Caster family in Dripping Springs, Texas in front of their new home. Caster Studios Dripping Springs

Do your kids know that you are famous? 

My kids seem to think I’m famous since I know everyone at the best coffee shop, Mazama.

Nick and Christina Caster family in Dripping Springs, Texas in front of their new home

How can we follow you on social media?

You can find out more about Caster Studios or Gus Plus Us by following our Instagram or Facebook @casterstudios and @gusplusus or by checking out our website links here!

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