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When I saw that Dripping Springs had it’s own chocolate company I knew I had to try it! I first tried their chocolate at their booth at Christmas on Mercer in 2020 when they were passing out samples of their hot cocoa- it was the creamiest hot cocoa I’ve ever had!

I’ve been a fan ever since and was delighted to meet Tracey and Bob and watch them make some chocolate in their storefront in Dripping Springs!

Tracey and Bob with Dripping Springs Chocolate Company

Tell us about yourself and your family…

Several years ago, Bob & Tracey Wilson participated in a mission trip to Nicaragua and saw poverty at a level that was heartbreaking. After that trip, they searched for a way to help provide jobs to people in impoverished communities. While researching possible ways to help, Bob discovered that cacao grows only near the equator, much of it in impoverished areas, and much of the time, the cacao farmers are not paid a fair price for their cacao. They discovered they could buy ethically sourced cacao, which would ensure that the cacao farmers earned a fair price. But that meant they had to learn to make chocolate!

So in 2016, they bought cacao and chocolate making equipment and spent months learning all the steps necessary to make the best chocolate they could make.  They began selling chocolate bars at local farmers’ markets and events and were thrilled at the local support they received. As news spead about a locally made chocolate, retailers began to request Dripping Springs Chocolate for their stores. So, in 2017, Tracey and Bob built out their small chocolate factory and now sell chocolate in 45+ retailers in Central Texas, in their factory store in Dripping Springs and in the online store at DSChocolateCo.com.

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company menu

What surprised you the most about the process of making chocolate?

Chocolate making is part science and part art.  Every single step affects the final product.  And we’re still learning everyday.

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company cocoa beans

Where do you get your cocoa beans?

Meridian Cacao in Portland OR.  They source cocoa beans from all over the world.

Bob at Dripping Springs Chocolate Company

What’s important to you about the chocolate that you produce and the way you craft it?

Single origin craft chocolate highlights the cocoa beans used to make the chocolate.  While most of the cocoa beans we use to make chocolate are from Ecuador, we usually have a couple of other origins in stock so that people can taste the difference.  We currently have Tanzania & Venezuela available as well as Ecuador.

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company making chocolate

What is your favorite thing that you sell?

Our dark chocolate Almond Sea Salt bar is our #1 seller and it’s my favorite, too.  I also love the Cocoa Spice Rub- I cook with it all the time.  Bob’s favorite chocolates are the Dark Chocolate with Dried Cherries & the Milk Chocolate Pecan bar.  He also loves the Hot Cocoa Mix in his coffee.

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company

Bob makes a lot of inventions that have helped your chocolate process, what kind of background does he have?

Bob has worked in several industries including the automotive industry, where he was a tool & die maker. 

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company dark chocolate

What do you love about running a business in Dripping Springs?

The wonderful people!!!  People here are so incredibly supportive of small businesses.  Dripping Springs Chocolate Co has grown every year since we began in 2016, even through the pandemic, which both amazes and humbles me.

Tracey and Bob making chocolate at Dripping Springs Chocolate Company

Where can people buy your chocolate?
3 Ways to buy Dripping Springs Chocolate:
People can find our chocolate at over 45 retailers in the hill country (a list of retailers is available on our Instagram highlights). 
They can also shop & sample chocolate at the factory store on Fridays 12-5 & Saturdays 10-2.  
And they can order online from our website www.DSChocolateCo.com and have it shipped October through April.

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company chocolate bars

How can we follow along on your business journey?

The best way to follow along is through Facebook (DSChocolateCo) and Instagram (drippingspringschocolate)

I highly recommend their new spicy hot cocoa mix and love the Dark Chocolate coffee! Be sure to stop by their booth at Christmas on Mercer this year!

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