A weekend in Dripping Springs for an Enneagram 8

I had this idea a few weeks ago to start a weekend itinerary for Dripping Springs based on the Enneagram personality profiles!

Tourism is a huge part of the local economy (along with all of those guests for the hundreds of weddings we host here!) and knowing what’s available is so helpful!

I have people from all over contact me online to ask where to go when they visit the area and my first questions are about their personality and what sounds fun to them. Are they introverts or extroverts? Do they love adventure or relaxing? History or experiences?

I try to figure out what to recommend tailored to their personality preferences and then recently decided to make an entire blog thread with ideas so that I can send them out when people ask!

Here is my next one for the Enneagram 8!!

Type 8s are known as “The Challenger.” This itinerary is designed to resonate with Type 8’s love for intensity, control, and new challenges.

A Weekend of Thrills and Challenges in Dripping Springs: An Itinerary for the Fearless Leader

Wanderin Star Farms in Dripping Springs Texas on Fitzhugh District

Day 1: Arrival & Power Moves

Stay in a Teepee at La Fortuna: Check into your adventurous accommodation—a teepee at La Fortuna. The rugged setting will appeal to your love for challenges and the outdoors.

Dinner at Salt Lick BBQ: Head to Salt Lick BBQ for a hearty dinner. The robust flavors and communal atmosphere will be right up your alley. Try the Bison Ribs!

Axe Throwing at Driftwood Dugout: Unleash your competitive spirit with some axe throwing at Driftwood Dugout. A perfect way to channel your intensity and aim for the bullseye.

Day 2: High-Octane Adventures

Coffee and Cars at Speeding Springs: Start your day with a high-octane experience at Speeding Springs, where you can enjoy coffee while admiring some fast cars and some incredible and rare classic cars! It’s a caffeine kick that matches your energetic vibe. Dripping Springs community is home to many classic car collectors and Speeding Springs is the perfect place to meet and talk shop with them!

Speeding Springs off of Creek Road in Dripping Springs Texas

Lunch at A.T. Eatz Burger Food Truck: Grab a quick and satisfying lunch at A.T. Eatz Burger Food Truck at FairLane Coffee and Cocktails. Grab a burger and sit outside where you can enjoy the weather and let your kids play on the play set! Afterwards drive by Echelon Front on Sportslplex Dr. and maybe you can meet Leif or Jocko!

Spicy Jalapeño Cocktail at Dripping Distilling: Spice things up with a jalapeño cocktail at Dripping Distilling. Their facility on Bell Springs has indoor and outdoor dining and you can pick the best spot depending on the weather! The bold flavors will resonate with your daring nature.

Dripping Springs Reimers Ranch wildflowers in May

Sunset Helicopter Tour with Chad Varnell: Take control of the skies with a sunset helicopter tour of the Hill Country, guided by long time local and helicopter pilot, Chad Varnell. The bird’s-eye view and the thrill of flying will be an unforgettable way to experience Dripping Springs!

Day 3: Aim & Fire

Breakfast at Rootline Coffee: Fuel up for the day with a robust iced Americano at Rootline Coffee. Their strong brews and purpose-driven business model will make you feel excited to start your day!

Skeet Shoot for Charity at Hog Heaven: Test your aim and contribute to a good cause with a skeet shooting event at Hog Heaven. It’s a win-win situation that aligns with your action-oriented approach.

Skeet Shoot at Hog Heaven in Dripping Springs Texas

This weekend in Dripping Springs offers a blend of thrills, challenges, and intense experiences, all tailored to the fearless and commanding nature of an Enneagram Type 8. From axe throwing to helicopter tours, every activity is designed to engage your love for challenges and control.

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