Jobs in Dripping Springs Texas

Dripping Springs became a mega boomtown during the pandemic and CEOs from big tech companies and many creative entrepreneurs moved in and started successful businesses in the last few years.

The growth has been incredible and has tested the city’s infrastructure to the limit!

We now have the traffic…we just have to find the time to build the roads!

Why do people want to move to Dripping Springs in the first place?

It’s a small town with less than 5,000 residents within the city limits (88,000 in the entire school zone), but it became like the homecoming queen of the state during 2021! Everyone wanted to move here!

The school system is rated #2 in the entire Austin area by, it is in between all of the best parts of the hill country- 30 minutes north to Lake Travis, 1 hour southwest to San Antonio, 30 minutes east to Austin and 1 hour west to Fredericksburg, and has so many unique tourism businesses that draw people from all over the nation!

When you move here you are in the hotbed of everything beautiful that the Texas Hill Country can offer. You get the small(ish) town, good schools, friendly people, and a short proximity (and beautiful drive) to all of the best things to do!

So what does everyone here do for a living? I love asking this when I meet people and I have found that so many of them work remote for large tech companies or are creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. Amazon, Tesla, Dell, and more have high ranking business people in the area who enjoy the slower pace of life and more elbow room out here in the “country”.

The Traditional Staples: Agriculture and Ranching

Dripping Springs has deep roots in agriculture and ranching, and these sectors continue to offer job opportunities. Whether it’s working on a cattle ranch or at a local farm, these jobs are perfect for those who love the great outdoors and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

The Creative Pulse: Arts and Crafts

If you’ve ever visited the Dripping Springs Farmers Market or any of the local craft fairs, you know that this town has a vibrant arts scene. From handmade jewelry to custom woodwork, the opportunities for artisans are plentiful. So, if you’re a creative soul, this might just be your haven.

The Booming Industries: Technology and Healthcare

According to the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce, the area has seen significant growth in the technology and healthcare sectors. Companies are increasingly setting up shop here, providing a range of job opportunities from IT specialists to healthcare providers. It’s a great option for those looking for a career path that offers both stability and growth.

The Backbone of the Community: Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Dripping Springs. From quaint boutiques to cozy cafes and wedding venues, these establishments offer a plethora of jobs. Whether you’re an aspiring barista, a retail enthusiast, or someone with a knack for customer service, there’s likely a small business looking for someone just like you.

The Adventurers: Tourism and Outdoor Activities

Given its natural beauty, it’s no surprise that tourism is a significant part of the local economy. Jobs in this sector can range from tour guides to hospitality staff at one of the many bed and breakfasts. If you love meeting new people and showing off the best that Dripping Springs has to offer, this could be your calling.

The Future is Bright: Education and Training

With a growing population comes the need for educational services. From teachers to administrative staff, the education sector offers a stable and fulfilling career path. Plus, shaping the minds of the next generation? Talk about rewarding! At full build out in the 2030s Dripping Springs ISD will have 3 high schools, 5 middle schools and 11 elementary schools! The cost of living is still something that the city is trying to troubleshoot for teachers, first responders and local service people as the average price of a home in this area is still sitting around $650,000.

Dripping Springs Football field

Want to take a deep dive into more information about the economy of Dripping Springs? Click HERE for a PDF put out by the Chamber of Commerce.

Looking for a job in Dripping Springs Texas? Here is a link to the City Website employment opportunities! Here is a link for job openings in the Dripping Springs schools!

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