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Hog Heaven: Clay Shooting for a Cause in Dripping Springs

My broker sponsors so many great events in Dripping Springs and last week he asked if any of us at Magnolia Realty would want to go and stand at the sponsored shooting station for the Clays for Classrooms benefit and push the “pull” button.

DS Education Foundation Clay for Classrooms shootout at Hog Heaven

Although I was born and raised in West Texas, I haven’t spent much time with a gun in my hands. I thought this would be an interesting event to come to and just enjoy being a true Texan… and boy was I right! I got to handle the remote for the trap shoot and it was fun! Of course I took my camera along and was able to meet so many amazing local people… some could shoot… others could not. Ha!

My family has come to Hog Heaven the last two 4th of July celebrations for Fire in the Sky by Carrie Isaac. I have always been curious about this place and learned a lot more today when I was at the charity event.

Hog Heaven safety rules

Hog Heaven, located at 24905 Ranch Rd 12 in Dripping Springs, is a 350-acre ranch owned by Lyssa and Hank Seale. This stunning property serves as a venue for clay shooting charity events, raising over $5 million for non-profits last year alone.

Hog Heaven trophy case

Additionally, Hog Heaven hosts the Dripping Springs Shooting Team, providing a safe and welcoming space for students to learn and compete in various disciplines from pistol to rifle shooting.

DS Education Foundation Clay for Classrooms shootout at Hog Heaven

Their goal is to be the best youth shooting team in the country!

The Dripping Springs Shooting Team consists of students from 7th to 12th grade from Dripping Springs and surrounding areas. The team competes in pistol and rifle disciplines, as well as clay target disciplines, including sporting clays, trap, and skeet.

Olivia Barnard, DSISD School board member at Hog Heaven

The athletes are classified into different levels based on age and experience, including Intermediate Entry Level, Intermediate Advanced, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.

Cody George and Kregg Lemons at DS Education Foundation Clay for Classrooms shootout at Hog Heaven

Lyssa and Hank Seale have a vision for Hog Heaven to benefit children, youth and veterans and help train young people to become outstanding adults.

In the near future they are considering opening the property to the public monthly for skeet shootouts.

DS Education Foundation Clay for Classrooms shootout at Hog Heaven

In addition to its charitable endeavors, Hog Heaven offers breathtaking views of century oaks and exceptional facilities for its guests with 2 wedding venues and a man cave on steroids! Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a novice, the ranch provides a unique opportunity to experience clay shooting in a beautiful and welcoming environment.

Kim Bullock at the DS Education Foundation Clay for Classrooms shootout

If you are looking for a thrilling and rewarding clay shooting experience, look no further than Hog Heaven in Dripping Springs. Not only will you have a great time, but you will also be supporting a worthy cause.

Lauren Clark and Kregg Lemons of Magnolia Realty in Dripping Springs

So when you see an opportunity to gather your friends and family for one of their shooting benefits then head to Hog Heaven for a day of loud fun and philanthropy!

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