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Speeding Springs is a 110 acre property off of Creek Road close to HWY 165, and it will quickly become a must-visit destination for classic car enthusiasts in and around the Dripping Springs, Texas area.

It’s not open to the public… YET... but when it is finished in April it will be such a fun place to visit!

I met Megan and her brother, Cole, out at their property to learn more about their plans for this amazing project and was blown away by the things they have accomplished in two short years.

old gas station at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

This passion project was created by Megan Salyards, and her brother, Cole, who moved back to Texas in 2020 with a love for classic cars and a dream of sharing that passion with others.

Speeding Springs Firestone sign in Dripping Springs, Texas

As classic car dealers and owners of a body shop for classic cars, Megan and Cole have created a unique and nostalgic experience at Speeding Springs. The property is a true haven for anyone who loves classic cars, vintage signs, antiques, and the Texas Hill Country.

Megan Salyards at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

Dripping Springs is a place where classic car lovers love to live, and it’s no surprise that Megan and Cole chose this location to build her dream project. My boys and I have driven down the winding, backroads of the hill country on weekends and have come across many caravans of classic cars, Ferraris, Corvettes and super cars! It’s such a beautiful place for a Sunday drive!

Modge podge wall of classic car magazines at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

As she drove me around the property she told me more of her ideas like a treetop bar overlooking a pond with waterfalls, of non-profit dinners for the community, and a unique place for the locals to gather and enjoy her ranch.

Camaros at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

Speeding Springs also has a shop where the Salyards restore a variety of rare and classic cars. Megan, her parents, her brother Cole and car-enthusiast- Chris are experts in their field, and they take great pride in the cars they have rebuilt.

Turbo-jet 350 HP engine at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

Hard work and passion… I feel like she should have a tattoo of that somewhere!

Speeding Springs car barn in Dripping Springs, Texas

The highlight of Speeding Springs is the massive classic car barn that will be open to the public as a local spot to hang out and enjoy being around cars. You can come and grab a drink, play billiards and even buy a car while you’re there!

Speeding Springs show barn in Dripping Springs, Texas

This impressive 9,000 sq ft structure will be ready at the end of April, and it’s sure to become a favorite destination for car lovers in the area. The timber for this barn was shipped in from Tennessee, adding a classic charm to this massive building.

manmade pond at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

The barn will be filled with classic cars of all makes and models, and visitors will have the opportunity to browse the collection, learn about the history of these vehicles, and even purchase a classic car of their own. The atmosphere of the barn is sure to transport visitors back in time, making it a unique and unforgettable experience.

Chris checking the oil at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

Speeding Springs is a truly special place for anyone who loves classic cars. Megan and Cole Salyards have created a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere that is sure to delight visitors of all ages! Keep up with the progress on their Instagram account for updates on when it will open to the public.

I am definitely taking my kids to see the amazing cars!

SS Car at Speeding Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

Want to see some classic cars sooner? Cars and Coffee is a classic car meetup in Dripping Springs that takes place on the last Sunday of each month at Moxie on RR12 and Fitzhugh. This event is a must-visit for anyone who loves classic cars, and it’s a great way to meet other enthusiasts in the area.

Megan and Cole are also hoping to host car shows at their property in the near future. Stay tuned for more info!

Follow their journey online HERE.

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