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I love that a new coffee shop just opened up in front of Dripping Middle School! I’ve stopped by their old coffee trailer before and picked up a mocha, but Rootline’s new brick and mortar store transports you to another place with the beautiful atmosphere and warm smell of espresso!

They are also going to be the only coffee shop in town (other than Starbucks) that has a drive thru! Read more about Rootline’s story and mission below…

Rootline Coffee Company Dripping Springs

Tell us about yourselves…

Jasmine and I have been married for a year and eight months, and it’s been a wild ride! We have built Rootline together, and have enjoyed every minute of it! 

David and Jasmine Hancock with Rootline Coffee Company Dripping Springs

How did Rootline Coffee come into existence, and what inspired you to start this journey? 

Rootline Coffee began through our desire to fund the gospel and care for Nicaragua’s farmers. While this was easy in concept, it was complex in execution. Owning our own farm was our biggest hurdle. It began with an idea to transform the industry, one bean at a time. Now with the opening of our coffee shop we are seeing this dream come true! 

Your brick and mortar store is so beautiful. What was the inspiration for the design?

The design is inspired by the culture surrounding our farm, and our ministry. Central America is somewhere we call home and we wanted to bring that piece of our roots to the United States! 

Rootline Coffee Company Dripping Springs barista

Can you share more about your commitment to fair pay and zero corruption in the supply chain? How does this set you apart from others in the industry?

We believe in taking care of your employees and providing essential necessities to help sustain a healthy workplace. Many coffee companies are able to purchase coffee at pennies a pound because those farms are mistreating, overworking, and underpaying their farmers. Not only that, but those same farms allow for child labor on their farms. By building a daycare, paying 48% above the National minimum wage, providing 3 meals a day and free housing, we have completely changed the way coffee farming is viewed in Nicaragua. We have a commitment to fight against child labor, and pay farmers fairly for all the hard work that they do! 

Rootline Coffee Company coffee subscription Dripping Springs

What’s the story behind your farm in Nicaragua, and how does it influence the quality and flavor of your coffee?

In 2017, a dear family friend had a vision and felt called to sell her homes and provide Mountain Gateway, our ministry, with funds to purchase our farm. When Britt and Audrey Hancock saw the corruption first hand, they knew they needed to take a stand. This is how our coffee company came to be! 

The quality of our coffee is due to the climate and elevation in which it is grown and the stewardship of the land. We have incredible full time farmers with a gift from God for cultivating the best quality coffee.

Rootline Coffee Company interior Dripping Springs

Can you tell us about your other eco-friendly practices in your operations? 

We use recycled volcanic rain water, we have added solar power, and we make sure we use organic practices on our farm to make delicious, high quality coffee. 

Can you describe your small-batch roasting process and how it contributes to the flavor of your coffee?

What is considered small batch roasting is a debate. Our biggest roaster is 10kg (22 lbs). My apprentice master, Jeremy Doss, and I asked the question, “Why does small batch roasting taste better than large batch?” The conclusion we came up with is that the ability to control the heat throughout the entire rotating drum is easier on a smaller roaster. You get an even roast throughout the entire batch.

In a large batch roaster it is much more difficult to evenly heat a drum capable of 150kg (330 lbs) of coffee. It’s faster to do those larger batches and it’s cheaper in labor, but the beans will come out uneven and over-roasted. Our commitment to the highest quality possible means we will purchase more roasters and train more people to produce the quality our customers have grown to know and love.

David Hancock Rootline Coffee Company Dripping Springs

How do you curate the different roasts and blends available at Rootline Coffee? What’s your personal favorite?

My personal favorite is the medium dark. We were able to achieve multiple roasts and flavors from the same farm due to the Doss method taught to me by Jeremy Doss. This is more of a philosophy regarding roasting. What we do is focus more on the internal temperature of the beans within time and temperature parameters. This allows us to get very consistent roasts and a wide variety of flavors.

Rootline Coffee Company espresso machine Dripping Springs

How does your coffee subscription service work, and what makes it “deliciously easy”?

From the company’s beginning, my idea was to make specialty coffee accessible to somebody that wouldn’t necessarily call themselves a coffee snob. That set me on a journey to simplify coffee terms, measurements, and temperatures so you can enjoy high-quality coffee in your home and whenever you step into one of our locations. Our online website makes it easy to navigate each step of setting up a subscription. From the time you want your coffee at your door step to the grind size needs for your brewing method, you can curate your coffee experience to your exact needs.

Rootline Coffee Company interior Dripping Springs

What do you love most about doing business in Dripping Springs, Texas? 

What I love most about doing business in Dripping Springs is the community. People really care about small businesses in Dripping, and they have been incredibly supportive in our journey!

David Hancock Rootline Coffee Company Dripping Springs

What inspires and motivates you daily in your work at Rootline Coffee?

The biggest inspiration and motivation for what we do at Rootline is the mission itself. Our mission is to fund the gospel and in doing so, transform the nation. There’s a verse in the Bible that has driven my family for my entire life. “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people.” Colossians 3:23. This is my motivation for everything I do in my life. That means that it is my responsibility to ensure that the work environment and the quality are to a high level of excellence. That our employees in all states and countries are taken care of, and the mission of Rootline is accomplished.

Are there any exciting plans or upcoming events that the community can look forward to at Rootline Coffee?

Now that the coffee shop is open, we do not plan to slow down! We are working on exciting new products both in-store and on our website.

Jasmine Hancock Rootline Coffee Company Dripping Springs

Where can people follow you online?

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Rootline Coffee. You can also go to our website to join our email list and be one of the first to hear about new products, events, and exciting giveaways! You’ll also be able to hear more about our story, and be in-the-know on the latest coffee tips and tricks.

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