A weekend in Dripping Springs for an Enneagram 5

I had this idea a few weeks ago to start a weekend itinerary for Dripping Springs based on the Enneagram personality profiles!

Tourism is a huge part of the local economy (along with all of those guests for the hundreds of weddings we host here!) and knowing what’s available is so helpful!

I have people from all over contact me online to ask where to go when they visit the area and my first questions are about their personality and what sounds fun to them. Are they introverts or extroverts? Do they love adventure or relaxing? History or experiences?

I try to figure out what to recommend tailored to their personality preferences and then recently decided to make an entire blog thread with ideas so that I can send them out when people ask!

Dripping Springs Weekend trips for Enneagram 5

Here is my next one for Enneagram 5s!

Type 5s are known as “The Investigator”. This itinerary is designed to resonate with Type 5’s love for knowledge, solitude, and deep exploration. It features places that are not as “touristy” and more known to the locals.

I must admit, a 5 probably wouldn’t jam pack their weekend like this, but I didn’t want to just have 1-2 recommendations so I took it to another level!

A Weekend of Solitude and Exploration in Dripping Springs: An Itinerary for the Inquisitive Mind

Day 1: Arrival & Contemplation

Stay at a Secluded VRBO on 10 Acres: Check into your private VRBO property, offering 10 acres of secluded land. The isolation will provide the perfect setting for your introspective and analytical nature where you can recharge and get ready to explore Dripping Springs!

Dinner at Homespun: Order a steak dinner from Homespun Kitchen and Bar, a local favorite where you can read over 1000 reviews on google and browse their menu online before arriving.

Grab a bottle of wine and a cheese from Swig Cheese Haus and enjoy an Evening by the Creek: Run by CL Butaud, a Fitzhugh neighborhood favorite (and hidden gem), and Swig Cheese Haus and grab a bottle of wine and a cheese pairing and spend the evening sitting by the creek at the VRBO property.

Day 2: Exploration & Learning

Quick Bite at Abby Jane Bakeshop: Start your day with a quick bite to-go from Abby Jane Bakeshop. Their artisanal offerings will fuel your day of exploration. I recommend the Belgian Croissant!

Self-Guided Tour of the Pound Museum: Take a self-guided tour of the Pound Museum to delve into the history of Dripping Springs. Your investigative nature will appreciate the educational aspect of this outdoor farmstead museum of the founders of Dripping Springs.

Lunch at Turcotte Butchers: Enjoy a hearty lunch at Turcotte Butchers, where locals stop in and get a hot pastrami or a steak bomb sandwich. Sit at the lunch bar and meet a new Dripping Springs local.

Stop by Sunday Bookshop: Visit Sunday Bookshop to pick up a historical memoir. Your love for knowledge and understanding will find a perfect companion in a well-chosen book.

Afternoon at Pedernales Falls State Park: Enjoy a backroads drive to one of the most beautiful state parks in the area! You can hike a new trail or go and sit and people watch at the main falls. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water if you come in the summer! In the winter Pedernales Falls transforms into a maze of tunnels and smooth hiking rocks along the main upper falls.

Pedernales Falls

Dinner and Drinks at 12 Fox Beer: End the day with dinner and drinks at veteran owned 12 Fox Beer. The relaxed (and spread out) atmosphere will be a great place to relax after a day of solo exploring. If you are a local first responder or veteran then you can join their fireside chats and trade stories and lean into the community they’ve built.

Day 3: Nature & Farewell

Nature Bathing at Westcave Preserve: Start your morning with a session of nature bathing at Westcave Preserve. The tranquil setting offers a unique opportunity for mindfulness and observation, allowing you to connect deeply with the natural world. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Dripping!

To-Go Brunch from Thyme to Go: Before heading home, grab a to-go brunch from Thyme to Go. I recommend their Fruit and Chicken Tango sandwich. The convenience and quality will perfectly wrap up your weekend of solitude and exploration.

This weekend in Dripping Springs offers a blend of solitude, intellectual stimulation, and natural exploration, all tailored to the inquisitive and introspective nature of an Enneagram Type 5. From historical tours to quiet moments by the creek, every experience is designed to engage your mind and satisfy your love for knowledge and local culture.

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