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Sunday Bookshop exterior Dripping Springs Texas

The cutest book and gift store opened in Dripping Springs this month and I am excited to show it to you all!

Meet Dixie Frechette with Sunday Bookshop located at 28101 RR12 Dripping Springs, Texas in the sweetest, restored white house! Her store is open 10 AM-5 PM Tuesday-Saturday.

Dixie Frechette of Sunday Bookshop Dripping Springs Texas

Hey Dixie! Tell us more about yourself!

Hi, Lauren! I’m a long time Dripping Springs resident – went to Dripping Springs schools K-12 – and previously owned a boutique in town before the bookshop. 

Sunday Bookshop book table Dripping Springs Texas

What made you decide to start Sunday Bookshop?

It has always been a dream to own my own bookstore. I would always joke that one day I would move to a small town and open up a bookstore – I realized there wasn’t a moment that would define when that “one day” would be, so I took the leap and decided to make the dream a reality!

Sunday Bookshop Dripping Springs Texas

Have you always been an avid reader?

I have, yes! I was always a bookworm growing up and the passion never went away. Both my parents are huge readers, so I think I got it from them. 

Dixie Frechette of Sunday Bookshop Dripping Springs Texas

What is your all-time favorite book?

That’s such a hard question! A few come to mind – for the longest time I said The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, but now I usually say Normal People by Sally Rooney. I love a good romance though, so I also have to include Bright Side by Kim Holden and The Things We Leave Unfinished by Rebecca Yarros. 

Sunday Bookshop gift shelves Dripping Springs Texas

Where can someone go to find good book lists if they don’t know what book to buy at your shop?

I’m a huge advocate of Booktok and Bookstagram. I always think books are popular for a reason, so if you hear it being talked about a ton on social media, it’s probably pretty good! It’s super easy to search for genres or topics you may be interested in on TikTok or Instagram – you’ll find thousands of accounts dedicated to talking about books.

Every book I read is usually found through social media in some way.

Sunday Bookshop Dripping Springs Texas

What do you hope customers will experience when they stop by your bookshop?

My whole goal with Sunday Bookshop was to create a cozy and comfortable space to give readers a place to go, not only shop for books, but to also join a community.

That’s where the name came from; almost all of my Sundays are spent cozied up on the couch with a book, so I wanted to recreate that feeling here in the shop.

I have already seen customers come in as strangers and leave as friends – some have even started book clubs while shopping! I absolutely love the reading community and love that my store can give people a place to go to meet like-minded people who want to share their passions. 

Dixie Frechette of Sunday Bookshop Dripping Springs Texas

What else do you sell besides books?

I sell so much more than books – small home decor, candles, puzzles, games, craft kits, journals, notepads, wrapping paper, greeting cards, the list goes on! 

Sunday Bookshop sitting nook Dripping Springs Texas

What do you love about having a business in Dripping Springs?

I love being able to have a connection to the town that I was raised in. It has obviously changed so much in the thirty years I’ve been around, but honestly I love the growth and seeing people appreciate our small town. It’s so nice meeting so many people and also seeing old friends that I have literally known my whole life. 

Sunday Bookshop gift table Dripping Springs Texas

What are your favorite places in Drip to go relax on a weekend?

I absolutely love a coffee shop, so I visit Fairlane right down the road and I also really love Abby Jane. The distilleries are also so much fun – Dripping Springs Vodka being at the top of the list for me and of course, Deep Eddy

Sunday Bookshop Dripping Springs Texas

How can we follow you on social media?

I am on Instagram and TikTok at @sundaybookshop and I also have a community Facebook page, which can be found here:

This town is popping with fun entrepreneurs and business and one of my favorite things is meeting them and introducing you!!

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