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Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs School Board

Instagram is SUCH a powerful tool for connecting local people. When we were in the process of moving to Dripping Springs from Lubbock last summer I was hashtag somersaulting all over the platform and that’s when I connected with Stefani.

I have always been interested in emotional health, fulfilling your dreams and helping people and found her on the #drippingsprings search and realized that we had a lot of the same values and the same Meyers Briggs personality profile. When you find someone similar to you then it’s usually an instant connection! Stefani just won a seat on the DSISD school board and knew she would be an awesome person to feature!

Travis and Stefani… tell us about yourselves!

We are Travis- Army veteran, musician, entrepreneur and evangelist- and Stefani- psychiatrist, author, speaker and public official. We have been happily married for 10 years and have 3 beautiful children: 8 year old daughter Kate, almost 5 year old son Ryker, and 1 year old daughter Lily.

We are a passionate, high energy couple with many roles we play, but the most important part of us collectively and individually is our faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All that we are and all that we have is due to the abundant grace of our amazing God.

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs School Board

What made you want to go into psychiatry and counseling?

Stefani here! I wanted to become a doctor to help people. While in medical school, I loved the brain and nervous system. Not to mention, I always loved hearing people’s stories and finding solutions to their problems.

My love of narrative medicine mixed with my fascination with the brain and human behavior made it a natural fit to pursue psychiatry. 

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs School Board

What topics do you love to help people with the most? Why?

I love helping patients and clients decrease shame and guilt. Regardless of specific life factors or mental health diagnosis, everyone gets paralyzed by shame and guilt at times.

When you learn to quickly identify and break free from shame and guilt, you can finally embrace real freedom. And in freedom, you can live out your unique, God-given purpose and live life to your fullest.

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

You’ve also written a book, can you tell us about it? What is the most exciting thing that you learned and wanted to share with the world when you wrote it?

My book is entitled Let Your Heart Out: How to Escape Your Thoughts and Reconnect with the Most Important Part of Yourself. 

In our culture of Insta-perfect design, Pinterest-perfect parenting, and 4-hour-work-week advocates, individuals have more pressure than ever before. All of the pressures have created a low-grade dissatisfaction, confusion, and despair in individuals.

Part memoir and part guidebook, my book helps individuals break free from paralyzing thoughts (that are often driven by people or entities outside of our true self) so they can live out their dream life. I think of it as the “prequel” to other self development books out there. It’s not self-help, it’s self-knowledge. Joy and contentment will never be fulfilled from all of the details of the world.

When we can ditch the details, we can start to see what is most important to us.

Travis, tell us about your music…

Travis here! I compose and produce both Christian melodies, as well as complex, instrumental beats. I enjoy crafting unique melodies while incorporating a diverse range of instrumentals.

My music tells a testimony of a particular season of my life or shares a greater story of the struggles of humanity. My most recent single, Perseverance, showcases the noise of the world and encourages the believer in Christ to push through the noise and live with faith in Christ.

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

You two have a podcast together, how did that get started?

Our podcast, Reinold Radio, began first as a way to encourage broken believers in times of great distress. We have gone through hard times both individually and in our marriage and got frustrated to see the lack of transparency given to the hard times of a believer’s life.

It’s so natural to stray from your faith in hard times, but we wanted a space to help encourage believers to draw closer to Christ in those hard times. Now, our podcast has matured into a show where we talk about many aspects of the Christian life, all while continuing to encourage discouraged believers.  

Travis and Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

What brought you to Dripping Springs?


Ha ha. We honestly have no idea how we ended up here specifically.  It started with a Zillow search and a phone call from a friend and ended with a long weekend road trip and a divine encounter. But the official story goes: we are both from Texas and always loved the Hill Country. With its wonderful school district and quaint lifestyle, Dripping Springs was a gem. We cannot imagine life anywhere else now!

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

What was important to you about the neighborhood you chose?

We wanted a neighborhood where we could connect with other families and be in community with others. Being a military family, we struggled to feel connected with neighbors and local community in the past. We specifically wanted a place where our kids could walk outside and play with other kids and go to meet-ups and parties in the community.

We love that we have all of these things in our neighborhood of Highpointe.

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

You just won a seat on the Dripping Springs school board, what inspired you to run and what are your hopes for change by your new position?

As a military wife, I spent so much time detached from local government, because we moved so frequently, it never seemed worth it to me to get involved. Once my husband left active duty, I began to grow roots in our local community.

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

I quickly became concerned about the school environment where my children were spending so much time, an environment that I felt was leading to the exacerbation of mental health issues. I was inspired to run for school board so that I could help influence the future for my children and engage in the significant issues affecting our youth.

Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

What does a perfect day in Dripping Springs look like for your family?

We would enjoy a leisurely morning at home with home-cooked breakfast followed by a family walk, hike or play date in our neighborhood.

Then, we would be running to soccer or other kids activities. After activities, we would enjoy lunch at Thyme and Dough and relaxing at home before we headed out for an evening of live music and company with friends at Hays City Store or a local brewery. 

Where can we follow you on social media?

We are @stefanireinoldmd and @travisreinold on Instagram and Facebook.

Stefani’s podcast is called “It’s Not About the Food.” Travis and Stefani’s podcast is called “Reinold Radio.”

You can find their podcasts on iTunes, stitcher or wherever you get your podcast from. You can follow our ministries page at @reinoldministries on Instagram. 

Travis and Stefani Reinold Dripping Springs Psychiatrist and Counselor

I love introducing you to the locals here in Dripping Springs! If you are in town for a vacation or looking to move here then reach out to me by email ( or text and call at 512-569-8480 and I’d be happy to be your community concierge for fun things to do or places to see or help you buy a home in this wonderful community!

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