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I first heard of Kevin and his wife Carly on our neighborhood facebook page and also from a friend that I had met before we moved to Dripping Springs last year. My husband’s favorite sports are track and football and so he loved learning more about our neighbor, Kevin!

Kevin ran the fastest 40 yard dash in the 2003 NFL Combine (4.31 seconds).

He was selected by the St. Louis Rams and went on the plat for the Houston Texans and the Carolina Panthers before signing with the Amsterdam Admirals in Europe and finishing out his professional football seasons with the Canadian Football League in Calgary and Winnipeg.

He and Carly moved to Dripping Springs where she owns a cleaning company and he owns a sport specific training gym! Dripping Springs is one of the top school districts IN THE STATE and that attracts amazing talent in junior high and high school sports. Need more training? Kevin’s got you covered.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

Kevin, How did Swift Sessions get started?

It started because I moved back home to take care of my parents as they had gotten sick. While helping them with their health and nutrition, I grew a passion for the fitness industry. My passion for the fitness industry obviously transitioned to my comfort zone of sports performance training. It all started in an old church gym back in Brazoria, TX.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

What ages do you work with and what are your goals for your clients?

I work with all ages. I do fitness training, nutritional coaching and of course, sports development. My goals for my clients are to help them reach their goals. If they win, I win.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

How did your history of being a NFL player help create this program?

I train from experience, if a client trains with me, I can actually say that I’ve been through it, not just a trainer that spent money on a course to become certified. How many people do you know that can say they have 2 undergrad degrees, 1 masters degree, countless certifications & was actually an NFL Athlete & world class sprinter in track & field?

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

What was your favorite team to play for in the NFL?

The Rams – we were winners; everybody loves a winner.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

What do you love most about working with students in the Dripping Springs area?

I love watching them develop. It’s never about me. If I can motivate them to become better students, athletes, and human beings, then I’ve done my job.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

What kind of training do you offer? Do you offer group training or one on one?

Any kind of training you can think of, I offer it!

We have groups and I can be reached to discuss trainings for myself and my support staff.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

What are other options for youth looking to get active and play sports in the Dripping Springs area?

If youth are looking to get active in Drip, then they should look into the local DSYSA or YMCA teams & leagues.

We offer different sport’s teams out of swift Sessions as well.

We have a track & field team – Austin Sprint Club.

A basketball program – Gym Ratz Hoops.

A wrestling program – Austin Wrestling Academy & many more.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

What camps can you recommend for youth in sports looking to up their game?

We are offering Performance Groups in June & July. Registration these can be found at www.SwiftSessions.com/events

What are your favorite local resources to connect your students to?

If any athlete is looking to go to the next level in their respective sport, I suggest they download a recruiting app called Student Athlete Profile app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sap-app/id1542649811 They can use promo code: swiftsessions for a free trial.

Kevin Garrett Swift Sessions Dripping Springs, Texas

Do you have a favorite quote?

I have lots of fave quotes! “…press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling…”

Keep pressing. 🔨

How can we find you online?


FB – Speed Trainer and Swift Sessions, LLC

IG – @speedtrainerkg and @swiftsessionsgym

Twitter – @swiftsessionsPT

Snapchat – swiftsessions

So if you have kids in sports and want to help them uplevel their skills then contact Kevin and watch them soar!

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