Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort | Dripping Springs Day Trip Adventure

My husband and I are suckers for zoos and aquariums. Give us up close and personal nature and animals and we are sold!!!

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari

We were so delighted to have found the Johnson City Exotic Resort Zoo and Safari when we moved to this area a few years ago. You can hand feed over 500 different animals during the drive and see everything from Zebras to Kudu!

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari exotic deer

The first time that we went we had to drive our own car through because of covid restrictions (good thing we drove a white car, because we went again in a friend’s gray car and it got scratched from all of the antlers!).

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari giant elk

If you want to skip on the car scratches then you can ride along on a covered trailer and a guide will pull you through 5 separate pins where the wildlife will flock to the car or trailer for hand feeding.

You can purchase buckets of feed at the gift shop for $6/each.

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari Bison tongue

It is WILD to have huge elk, ostrich and Bison stick their head in your car and eat from your hand!! The kids had an absolute blast and we have gone back several times a year. It is one of our favorite places to go for a fun outing.

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari feeding the camel

Admission is $17.95/adults and $14.95/kids 12 and under and can be purchased online or at the gift shop.

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari kid kissing a Camel

Sam thought he would be clever and put some Camel feed in between his teeth to see what would happen… he was very proud of his photo and showed all of his friends!

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari

After you are done with the drive through you can stay as long as you like at the petting zoos (included in the price of admission) and feed baby goats and deer. They also have a few small exhibits with other animals that you can learn more about and pack a picnic to enjoy in the shade.

Johnson City Exotic Zoo Resort Safari

The Johnson City Exotic Resort Zoo Safari is only a 35 minute drive west of Dripping Springs and makes it a quick and easy trip that everyone will remember for a lifetime! We highly recommend it!! You can also stay in their cabins for a more personal experience with the animals.

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