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What can I say about the Macs? We run into them at the pool at Founder’s Park all the time! I tell my friends when I introduce them at the pool that they are like the mayors of our neighborhood. They connect everyone, host parties, gather, give and love everyone like they are family. I knew I wanted to feature this wonderful family on my blog as the locals of the week!

These California transplants have definitely made Dripping a better place.

Hey John and Shelby! Tell us about yourselves… 

What brought you to Dripping Springs from California? 

We were looking to move out of Los Angeles and had a pretty short dream list:

1) A place with great schools for our son.

2) A beautiful and friendly community.

3) A place where we could have our dream house. We truly found that all here in Dripping Springs. We love it so much!

What advice would you give to other people from out of state about moving to the Austin area? 

It’s so great here. If you can, try and have a front porch. You get to chat with neighbors everyday!

What surprised you about living in Texas that you would want to share with others? 

We have been surprised by how truly friendly everyone is.

Our neighborhood is like one big family. 

Shelby, being a teacher in DSISD definitely gives you the insider scoop on the school’s best qualities!

What do you want to tell people about DSISD schools that they wouldn’t know about unless they were involved there? 

I love our District so much! I have never worked with a more caring or dedicated group of educators. This community really does whatever it takes so that every child can succeed. 

John, you are a chef extraordinaire… what got you into cooking? 

What are your favorite things to cook and why?

I got interested in cooking when I was living abroad.

I was missing my favorite chicken tenders and had to learn how to make them.

My favorite things to cook are ribs, bread, hot sauce, pasta…anything I can make from scratch. 

What’s the inside scoop on your favorite place to eat here? 

There are SO many great restaurants here.

All of the outdoor breweries like Jester King, Treaty Oak, and Fitzhugh are pretty special.

We love Getalong Grill too. We can walk there for dinner and it’s always awesome.

Raza’s Food Shack is amazing, too! 

If you could describe the draw of the Dripping Springs lifestyle to people who are looking to move here what would you say? 

Dripping Springs in a few words would be family, neighbors, community, kids running from porch to porch, dinner with friends, bluebonnets, sunsets, the river, popsicles, and tacos of course!

I just love living here, too! If you or someone you know is thinking about moving into this area I would love if you would connect me with them.

I love meeting new people and helping them find the home of their dreams here in Dripping Springs. I can help you find a place to rent, purchase, or even just tell you all of the amazing places to go if you’re just visiting! Reach out to me and I’m happy to help: 512-569-8480 or

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