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Carol Davis Dripping Springs VRBO

One of the many things that I love about working for Magnolia is that their brand is known for excellence, moral values and authentic customer service. This brand attraction brings people to the Magnolia Realty website from all over the world because “If Chip and Jo trust you, then we trust you, too” .

This is how I met Carol.

Carol has the gift of hospitality and hard work like no one I’ve ever met. She sees the details that other’s don’t notice, she anticipates her guest’s needs and desires and accommodates them to match their dream experience!

She owns a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Cat Spring, Texas called Blisswood where you can stay in antique cabins, have homemade meals delivered to your door, picnic in the fields after a horseback ride and even enjoy a safari!

If you are looking for a new place to vacation with your spouse or take the family for a little getaway then check Carol’s place out! It is an hour west of Houston.

She is a woman with many talents and a big heart and takes care of 16 Border Collies for her Border Collie rescue!

Miles is her Border Collie and he goes everywhere she does. I loved being greeted by him every time I’ve stopped by her home!

Carol Davis Dripping Springs VRBO

She was online searching for homes in the Dripping Springs area for a vacation rental and ended up on the Magnolia website and put in an inquiry on a beautiful home in West Cave Estates.

Within seconds of receiving the inquiry on my phone I called Carol and learned more about what she was looking for and the short time frame she needed it in. That night my family was heading over to the farm for a family dinner and I took them all a bit early and went and filmed another home that I thought would be a good fit for Carol. The market was still crazy and the West Cave home already had multiple offers well above asking price by the next day.

It had only been on the market for a day!

Carol Davis Dripping Springs VRBO

After emailing her the video tour that evening I remember getting a response back from Carol that I was “very on the ball”! If only my elementary school teachers could have seen that as a benefit and written that on my 6 week reports instead of the chronic statement- “she needs to SLOW down, stop rushing and sit still!”. That fast paced life has always been the life for me- boy is that flaw now a benefit in real estate!

Carol had a very specific style of property that she was wanting in this area and with the market having such little inventory I knew she would need to move fast as new homes came up each Thursday or Friday. I connected her with Chris Bonin of New City Mortgage who called her that same evening and got her pre-approved by the morning (talk about customer service!). She found another home that she loved and a very strong offer on (and still lost it- WOW! The market was nuts) before finding the home she purchased.

Carol Davis Dripping Springs VRBO

When the home, nicknamed “Stonehenge”, came up the next weekend I was there within hours of the listing going live doing a video tour and talking with the listing agent. It ended up that it was a divine situation as Carol needed to also purchase the contents of the home for her VRBO. We formulated an offer that included everything in the house and it was a perfect match for both the buyer and seller.

There were many bumps along the way, one which ended up with the seller replacing all of the roofs on the property with our favorite- Texas Roof Repair, but with teamwork, perseverance and a professional team of escrow, real estate and lending agents in the mix, Carol was able to get her keys to the new home and settle in for a while before opening it up for reservations on VRBO.

The new property is so serene and inviting and was built by a stonemason who had created it to be his showroom for his business. There is custom stone work ALL OVER the place!

Carol Davis Dripping Springs VRBO

A few days after closing I was able to meet Carol out at her new property to have grapefruit margaritas and celebrate that her journey was through and she could focus on her specialty- making the home her style and setting it up as the perfect VRBO!

Once the listing is live I will update this post so that you can go and enjoy her beautiful property in Dripping Springs! It will be a nature lovers paradise with over an acre of trees and incredible landscaping and many outdoor areas to enjoy and watch the sunset and deer.

Carol Davis Dripping Springs VRBO

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