A weekend in Dripping Springs for an Enneagram 2

Suggesting itineraries based on the enneagram personality profiles might just be my new favorite thing to blog about!

I had this idea a few weeks ago when I would have people reach out to me for fun things to do in the area while they were passing through or staying to decide if they should move here or not. I always had to do a little digging to find out what they enjoyed before making suggestions. The first blog post on Enneagram ones was a hit, so I plan to make the other 8 based on the popular Enneagram personality profiles.

Enneagram 2s are known for their generosity, helping others, love for nurturing relationships and supporting those (and causes) they love. They want to be close with those they love and make sure they are taken good care of!

The Enneagram 2 personality should come on September 14th weekend to coincide with the Grow the Village Gala for Foster Village!

This trip is centered around serving and thinking of others while enjoying the beauty of the hill country and connection!

Day 1: Connection & Celebration

Arrival & Dinner at Vista Brewing: Kick off your weekend with a casual dinner at Vista Brewing. The atmosphere is what the Texas hill country is known for… inviting and naturally beautiful. Explore the 21-acre property, enjoy live music, and connect with your loved one as you savor the flavors of locally-sourced dishes. My boys said their chicken strips were the best they’d ever had!

Stay at The Yurtopian: Retreat to The Yurtopian for a romantic getaway. The unique and intimate setting is perfect for nurturing your relationship and enjoying quality time together. You can even stargaze while in the deck top hot tub since Dripping is a Dark Sky Community!

Dinner at Vista Brewing Driftwood, Texas

Day 2: Nourishment & Giving

Breakfast at Thyme and Dough: Start your day with a leisurely breakfast on the patio at one of Dripping’s favorites- Thyme and Dough. Try the fresh and homemade offerings like the Jerome Stack or Belgian croissant. The environment is quaint and inviting and is a local favorite!

Meander Through Mercer Street: Spend the morning exploring antiques at Home Sweet Home and the Rural Home on Mercer Street. The charming finds will appeal to your love for nostalgia and sentimentality. Then stop by Vintage Soul , to buy some Dripping Springs T-shirts and gifts for your family back home.

Lunch at Palomas & Mini Golf: Enjoy a lively lunch and margaritas at Palomas, followed by a fun round of mini-golf. Let your loved one beat your score, adding a playful touch to your trip!

Spa Day at Seresana: Treat yourself and your loved one to an afternoon rejuvenating spa experience at Seresana. Indulge in massages, facials, or other therapeutic treatments that align with your nurturing nature.

Grow the Village Gala for Dinner: Get fancy and attend the Grow the Village Gala, supporting the Foster Village non-profit. You will be inspired by the community in Dripping Springs and how it started as a grassroots organization and has boomed into a Texas wide initiative to help foster families with support and items needed for their new placements.

Arnosky Family Farms in Blanco

Day 3: Relaxation & Service

Sleep in & Brunch at Crepe Crazy: Enjoy a well-deserved sleep-in, followed by a scrumptious brunch at a deaf-owned local business, Crepe Crazy. Their motto is “Point and you shall receive”. Their chefs, contractors and electricians and staff are all hired from the deaf community that they champion! Try the Proscuitto + Apricot Jam or the Nutella Royal!

Volunteer at Paws Shelter: Spend an hour walking shelter dogs at Paws Shelter. You’ll feel so happy knowing that you were able to brighten these shelter pups’ days while getting some fresh air and exercise on the trails beside the shelter.

Stop by Arnosky Family Farms: Before heading home, drive south over the hill on HWY 165 (stop and take a photo of the hill country view when you reach the top) and visit Arnosky Family Farms to pick up fresh, locally grown flowers for your friends. You will love seeing the old timey blue barn and their honors payment system will remind you of the 1950s! Your family and friends will love you for bringing home so many beautiful gifts from the Texas Hill Country!

Well there you have it! A weekend trip for the Enneagram 2!

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