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I met Rob a few weeks ago at a Dripping Springs Networking breakfast. He was very outgoing and such a magnetic person to be around. When I heard that he was running for the DSISD school board I knew he would be a good person to introduce you to! Meet my new friend, Rob, and his family!

Rob McClelland and family in Dripping Springs, Texas he is running for school board of DSISD

What brought ya’ll to Dripping Springs?

When it was time to leave active duty military service after 12 years, Katy and I really wanted to come back home to Texas.  She grew up in South Austin, and with so much family in the area, Central Texas was an obvious choice.  As we zeroed in on job opportunities in Austin, we had a chance to visit Dripping Springs. 

My wife knew it well from years growing up here and it didn’t take long until we knew we wanted to call Drip home.  It still has a very small town feel where it doesn’t take long to get to know folks in town.  We love Founder’s Day weekend where the entire community comes together for fun, food, and fellowship.  Quickly we realized that Dripping Springs was the place we wanted to raise our kids!

Rob and Katy McClelland in Dripping Springs, Texas he is running for school board of DSISD

What do you love most about this area?

The Hill Country!  We are fortunate to have a place with beautiful views and sunsets off the back porch and we are out there as much as we can.  We have access to beautiful lakes, hiking, biking, and camping just minutes from our homes. 

As a family who enjoys being outside, the Texas Hill Country is perfect for us!

What made you decide to run for school board this year?

The quick answer is I love our town, I care about the success of our kids, and I believe I have the skills needed to help our community navigate the opportunities facing us today. I have over 20 years of proven leadership experience across a wide variety of sectors, each with unique challenges and opportunities. 

I have made a career out of being a hardworking guy who can get “tough stuff” done. In my opinion it is going to take this type of leadership to gain the public trust, navigate rising taxes, build new schools, all while keeping our focus on educating and developing our kids!

McClelland and family in Dripping Springs, Texas

What challenges are our Dripping schools currently facing?

Our Dripping Springs community is in an exciting, yet difficult time. We face the challenge of meeting the demands of a continuing population growth without compromising our friendly and familial sense of community that has been in place here for more than 100 years. 

Our public schools are on the forefront of this reality facing our community.  It will take strong leadership to navigate both meeting the demands of new schools without losing sight of the current challenges that we are facing today, including teacher/administration turnover, retention, transportation, aging infrastructure, classroom sizes, just to name a few.

I would welcome the opportunity to represent this community in working with the district administration to solve these complex challenges in a way that our kids have every opportunity to excel today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

McClelland and family in Dripping Springs, Texas

How can parents get involved to support the public school systems and our kids? 

First and foremost engage with your community school and your child’s teacher on their progress. 

As parents, we need to be in the driver’s seat with our kids’ education.  Parental engagement is vital to a strong partnership between the school district and parents. 

Second, get involved. 

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, attend events, join a school or athletics support organization, etc.   When parents and teachers come together in a strong way to educate, encourage, and strengthen our kids, everyone wins!  

Rob McClelland and family in Dripping Springs, Texas

What are the most effective ways for us to learn more?

Specific to the school board, educate yourself on who you want to represent you as a governing body for our school district.  Not every school board trustee has the same views on some pretty important items and decisions made by the board loom large for our future.  Be an educated voter, and then go vote starting with early voting on April 24th. 

Election Day is Saturday, May 6th. I would be honored to earn your support!

Katy McClelland and her daughter

What do ya’ll love to do as a family?

Our family absolutely loves to travel Texas in our travel trailer. 

From the Big Bend to Port Aransas, we love going to new places, being outside, and spending this quality time together as a family.   

Rob McClelland and family in Dripping Springs, Texas he is running for school board of DSISD

If you were to plan the perfect weekend in Dripping, what would you do?

Friday evening sunset on the back porch with grilled steaks for the family.  Saturday trip to the baseball field in town for sports and then off to a local restaurant or outdoor space to spend some time with friends and let the kids hang out. 

Sunday starts with church and then an afternoon in the pool with the kids and their friends.

Rob McClelland and family in Dripping Springs, Texas he is running for school board of DSISD

Where can we follow along on your journey?

I’d be honored if you visited my website where you can read more about our plan for a stronger future for DSISD along with more about our family.  I’d love the opportunity to connect with you by e-mail and the website has a way in which you can do that.

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