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I remember watching our neighbor’s house go up for sale and my kids and I would eagerly watch through the window as people pulled up to tour the home while we wondered what kind of neighbors we would end up with. Neighbors can be a mixed bag, you know? Well we lucked out with some of the greatest neighbors when we saw a POD get dropped off in the alley and a van full of happy parents and young kids jump out- it was the Jones family.

We might have attacked them with our Texas hospitality, but I think they liked it! We had a plate of cookies and a kid playdate going within a few minutes of them walking into their new home in Dripping Springs. My boys became great friends with Alex and Sophie’s son and we enjoyed getting to know them more when they lived next door!

Alex has always felt like a kindred spirit; full of ideas and going hard after them. I wanted to introduce you to my friend, Alex and his cool new tourism transportation business in Dripping Springs- Ramble Yonder!

Ramble Yonder adventure owner, Alex Jones, in Dripping Springs Texas in his pinzgauer

Hey Alex! Tell us more about yourself:

Hey there! I’m an adventure-loving people person with a contagious lust for life and an optimistic, energetic outlook. I was born in California and attended Whittier College, where I was the captain of the football, track, and diving teams. While in college, I lived in my van to make ends meet, and that’s where I discovered my passion for unique transportation.

After college, I played arena football in Oklahoma City before returning to Santa Barbara to start a career in craft beer, wine, and spirits. I served as the Director of Sales for Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, where I gained valuable insights into the alcohol and tourism industries. Later, I transitioned to the tech industry and became an early employee at Zoom.

Now, I’m thrilled to leave the corporate world behind and pursue my next adventure.

What brought you to Dripping Springs?

My beautiful family, led by my wife, Sophie Jones, and our three amazing children Emmitt, Virginia, and Ruby, moved to Dripping Springs from Santa Ynez California in early 2021. We were drawn to the area because of the excitement, growth, and inherent opportunities that Dripping Springs has to offer. As a family that values freedom and community, Dripping Springs was a natural fit. My wife Sophie is a nurse, and our three children have been thriving in their school and extracurricular activities since we moved here.

We believe that Dripping Springs is an amazing place filled with great people, and we are excited to be a part of this community. As the founders of Ramble Yonder, we see ourselves as the connective tissue between all of the amazing breweries, distilleries, and wineries in the area. We’re thrilled to help people discover the beauty and excitement of Dripping Springs while supporting the local businesses that make this place so special.

Why do you love living here?

There are so many reasons why we love living in Dripping Springs!

First and foremost, the community here has been extremely welcoming and gracious to us since we arrived. We’ve met so many wonderful people who have made us feel right at home. The schools and sports organizations are also world-class, which has been a big factor in our children’s success and happiness here.

But what we really love about Dripping Springs is the honest, hard-working, community-oriented nature of the people.

It’s inspiring to see the entrepreneurial spirit and creative qualities that drive our local industries, especially the breweries, wineries, and distilleries. We’re continually impressed by the passion and dedication of the hard-working, family-owned businesses in the area. There’s a real sense of pride and collaboration among the people here, which makes us feel fortunate to be a part of this community.

Overall, we feel incredibly grateful to call Dripping Springs our home.

Ramble Yonder adventures in Dripping Springs pinzgauer

What gave you the idea to start Ramble Yonder?

As someone who has always had a love for people and a great pride in this area, I wanted to find a way to help bring people together and connect all of the amazing businesses that Dripping Springs has to offer. With tourism on the rise in this area, I knew that providing safe and memorable transportation was crucial to ensuring that visitors could fully experience all that Dripping Springs has to offer.

I considered starting a brewery, but ultimately decided that it would be even more fun to showcase all of the amazing destinations in the area through a driving service. I have a true passion for adventure and human connectivity, and I believe that unforgettable experiences are a huge part of the human experience. I wanted to create a positive influence for people visiting Dripping Springs by offering them a unique and exciting way to explore the area and discover everything it has to offer.

And thus, Ramble Yonder was born.

We’re thrilled to be able to share our love for this area with others and to help connect visitors with all of the amazing businesses and experiences that Dripping Springs has to offer.

Ramble Yonder adventure owner, Alex Jones, in Dripping Springs Texas in his pinzgauer

Why the Pinzgauer?

When I decided to start a tour company, I knew I wanted to find the most capable, unique, and exciting vehicle possible to showcase the rugged and beautiful Dripping Springs area. That’s when I discovered the Pinzgauer. There were several reasons why I was drawn to this vehicle, including its unique design, capabilities, and fuel efficiency. The Pinzgauer is virtually unstoppable on or off-road and was designed to traverse even the toughest terrains, such as the Swiss Alps or the Sahara desert.

But it’s not just about its capabilities. I absolutely love my Pinzgauer because it’s a head-turner.

The open-air design and beast-like appearance of the vehicle never fails to draw attention and awe from anyone who sees it. And the experience of riding in it is truly one of a kind. I love seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they take their first ride. It’s an adventure that’s hard to replicate in any other vehicle.

For me, the Pinzgauer is the greatest vehicle ever made. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. It’s the perfect vehicle for exploring the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, listening to great music, and enjoying the company of friends. I can’t wait to share the Pinzgauer experience with even more people through Ramble Yonder.

Who can hire you and where do you go?

Ramble Yonder is open to anyone 21 years or above, catering to wedding and birthday parties, as well as corporate and team events, and really anyone with an adventurous heart, looking for a once-in-a-lifetime hill country tour experience. On our tours, we carefully curate the best breweries, wineries, and distilleries that Dripping Springs has to offer.

The tour is all-inclusive, so once you get in the Pinzgauer, you don’t have to think – you just get to enjoy the experience.

Depending on the group and the desired experience of everyone attending the tour, we will visit breweries, wineries, or distilleries or a mix of all three. Typically, we visit three locations and include lunch at the second stop. Some notable strategic partners include Treaty Oak Distillery, Dripping Springs Distillery, Jester King Brewery, and Beerburg Brewery, to name a few.

At Ramble Yonder, the most important thing to us is creating an unforgettable experience that leaves our guests in awe of this beautiful place that we call home.

Ramble Yonder adventure owner, Alex Jones, driving in Dripping Springs Texas in his pinzgauer

What makes Rambler yonder unique compared to other driving services?

Our tour is all-inclusive, meaning guests don’t have to worry about paying for anything else once they’re on the Pinzgauer. We also offer customized tours to fit the specific needs and desires of our guests, whether it’s a corporate team-building event or a birthday celebration. Our tour guides are not only knowledgeable about the local area but are also entertaining and engaging, making sure guests have a fun and memorable experience. The Pinzgauer itself is a unique vehicle that sets us apart from other tour companies in the area. It’s a one-of-a-kind, open-air vehicle that allows guests to take in the stunning scenery of Dripping Springs in a way that no other vehicle can offer. In summary, our combination of unique transportation, local knowledge, exclusive access, all-inclusive offerings, and entertaining tour guides make us stand out from other tour companies in Dripping Springs.When are tours available? Do you have any other services?

Ramble Yonder tours are typically available on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 4 PM. To book a tour, customers can easily go to our website, rambleyonder.com, and reserve their spot. We pick up our guests in downtown Dripping Springs on Mercer Street at the visitor center, and that’s also where we drop them off after the tour.

Apart from our tours, we also provide an exclusive airport shuttle service called Ramble Yonder Air, in partnership with Lucky Arrow Retreat. We offer this service on Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM to facilitate rides for Lucky Arrow guests. We’re also planning to expand this shuttle service to other locations soon.

Ramble Yonder adventure owner, Alex Jones, in Dripping Springs Texas in his pinzgauer

Where can we follow you on social media?

At the moment, Ramble Yonder is primarily active on Instagram, and you can find us at @ramble.yonder

We regularly post updates, photos, and information about our tours and the beautiful locations we visit in Dripping Springs. We love connecting with our followers and sharing the unique experience of a Pinzgauer tour through the Texas Hill Country.

Thinking about booking a bachelorette trip, a wine or brewery tour or need a really fun chauffeur to drive you around Dripping Springs in style? Reach out to Alex to book!

Are you coming to the area and need some ideas of things to do? Just text me and I’ll help give you ideas! You can also check out my Dripping Springs Guide HERE!

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