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I first met Lance we he asked me to help him get his home leased. When I saw his property and his tiny houses I knew that he would be a person of interest to introduce you all to! He lives on an immaculate 10 acres at the back of Harmon Hill and it is just such a magical place with 3 tiny houses and a main home.

Hey Lance! Tell us more about yourself…

I was born and raised in the Midwest United States.  My family comes from Oklahoma and Kansas.  Our father was a golf professional who started a small merchandising business when I was very young.  Our mother, I and my siblings all helped out with the family business over the years.  I am the oldest of seven children:  one brother and five sisters.  At eighteen, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and fought with the Second Marines in Operation Desert Storm.  After the war, I completed a tour in Japan and Asia Pacific, then returned home to Kansas to attend college on the G.I. Bill.  I quickly fell in love with English Creative Writing and Philosophy and studied for four years at the universities of Kansas and East Anglia (U.K.).  I published my first poem while in college and have been writing and publishing in literary magazines ever since. 

After university, I joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.  The Nimitz took me to new adventures in the Pacific, Mediterranean, and Atlantic oceans.  After completing a four-year tour in the Navy, I moved to Austin, Texas where I fell into the high-tech startup industry and have been working in Information Technology ever since.  I met my now ex-wife in Austin.  We have two delightful daughters:  Iyla (11) and Eloise (7).  We both reside in Dripping Springs where we are happily co-parenting our children.

Lance Lambert  Dripping Springs Texas

What brought you to Dripping Springs?

I lived in Austin for two decades and often vacationed in the Texas Hill Country.  We purchased the Dripping Springs property in 2019 as a weekend / holiday getaway, but quickly fell in such love with the place and surrounding area that we sold the Austin house and moved here permanently in 2020.

Tell us about your property and the transformation it’s gone through?

It is 10 wooded acres off Bell Springs Road in Harmon Hills.  There is a seasonal creek that runs through the center of the property and a natural swimming hole when Spring rains make an appearance.  Property and home beautification are passions of mine and a great way to stay active.  I have built hiking trails, a tree fort, climbing net and zipline. 

The main house is a two bedroom 1.5 bath cabin-style home with a pool.  In 2021, we purchased seven structures from our neighbor who had carefully curated a gorgeous tiny home village for short-term rentals.  A tragedy befell her family compelling her to move closer to home in Tennessee.  We bought the structures from her and moved them onto our property (that was no small feat), forming what I now call Lambert Village. 

Lance Lambert tiny house Dripping Springs Texas

Have you always wanted to live in a tiny home? Tell us more about these interesting tiny homes on your property?

Never thought about it, truly, but I have always appreciated smaller spaces and the joy of utilizing every bit of space for purpose and/or aesthetic.  I’m more European than American that way, I suppose.  Giant American homes feel impersonal and excessive to me … There are three tiny homes in the village, an office (I work from home), a pavilion, an outdoor laundry closet and shed. 

Lance Lambert tiny house Dripping Springs Texas

The structures are works of art, in my opinion, each carefully curated with reclaimed materials in a thematic style.  All the windows are stained glass … The house I occupy is a Steampunk theme, equipped with an industrial elevator. 

Each of my daughters have their own house:  one is Gothic themed, the other Storybook … I have never seen anything like these homes and take great joy from living inside a work of art.  

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

      Reading, writing and publishing poetry are my purest passions.  Playing with my children.  An occasional golf outing with friends.  Meeting up with good people in the community at Grawlix Lounge or Homespun.

Lance Lambert tiny house Dripping Springs Texas

Tell us more about your poetry?

      I write free-form autobiographical poetry that, when gathered together, tells a life story.  I’m currently working on a collection of my published work and hope to submit it for publication soon.  My audience for the collection is my children.  I delight in imagining that they will discover my book as adults and learn something new about their father and themselves. 

Lance Lambert Dripping Springs Texas The Last night of the earth poems

Where do you enjoy going to read a good book?

      I will select the house on the property that most closely matches the theme of a book.  On pleasant days, I can be found on the pavilion outside.

Where do you recommend your friends and family go in Dripping Springs when they come into town?

      Rolling in Thyme & Dough for breakfast or lunch.  Visit the wineries and distilleries (Treaty Oak is my favorite).  Homespun, Tillie’s or Trattoria Lisina for dinner … End your evening with a cocktail at Grawlix Lounge.  If there, say hello to the talented Morgane Xenos who illustrates my poetry.

Lance Lambert Dripping Springs Texas

What does a perfect weekend in Dripping look like to you? Where would you go, what would you do?

      I love to travel the country roads in this area.  There are so many surprises to be discovered … A hike at Pedernales Falls.  A date with a lovely female companion … R&R right here on the property. 

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