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A few weeks ago I was looking to meet new people in Dripping Springs and learned more about Harriet Greenlee! She is a very passionate local who cares deeply about justice for animals and the needy, the environment and hard work!

She owns several furniture companies, a ranch in West Dripping and a beautiful vacation rental on the river (WOW it is gorgeous!).

Learn more about her and her mission with Dripping Springs Clean to help keep our area trash free.

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident

How long have you lived in Dripping and what do you love most about it?

I’ve lived here since March 1999, however I lived in Oak Hill for 15 years prior to that. I remember driving in the entrance to Sunset Canyon. They had just put in roads. I stopped in the middle of the road and thought, “someday….this will be full of homes as far as the eye can see”.

That is today.

What are you passionate about?

Making sure we leave the world our children will not just survive, but thrive in. 

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident, Fiddler's Creekside airbnb

I’m embarrassed at what the Earth has become.  I’m ashamed of what is considered normal and acceptable.  Think single use plastic (billions of gatorade bottles), think easy grab and go lunchables, shame on US ALL.  I am proud to say I made my kids lunches and sent them to schools where yoga, gardening, and rain water collection were a part of their daily routine. We try our best to tread lightly on the planet. 

What I see and witness is nothing short of an unfolding catastrophe. Just look at the roadways.  Any of them. 

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident, Fiddler's Creekside airbnb

How did being a victim in a drunk driving accident spark the idea to begin cleaning up the roadways around Dripping Springs?

I was a passenger.  I was transported by being wheeled into a van and strapped down. 

It was horrible.  I was always under control and now was quite NOT in control.  The last 4 miles of our road was a gravel and dirt mixed washboard! 

This was the boonies. What I saw was an increase in the trash, a dumped refrigerator, wrecked car, it was not as bad back then, but as we grew the abundance of trash grew.  Healing was slow with multiple catastrophic breaks, countless surgeries on the horizon, and an impatient me. 

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident, Fiddler's Creekside airbnb

I was in a wheelchair in a city with zero regard for compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I spoke to businesses and instead of getting mad, I tried to educate. I thought about the elderly and those with disabilities. 

Once I was up, I wanted to do something to continue making a difference. 

Physically I was told I’d never run or ride a horse again and I knew I had defied the odds.  I continued to think about my passion with reference to my lifetime of work with animals and combine it with a love of the Earth.  Seeing the continued destruction of the wild land I saw what came with it, trash. 

I knew I could make a difference.  

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident

You rescue dogs and horses… can you tell us more about that?

You would have to be living under a rock to not see how we’ve wronged domestic animals.  Look at the daily postings of overcrowded shelters. 

One quick online search will find purebred dogs, cats, and horses, at shelters across the world in need of homes.  Breeding dogs and horses and profiting from them is nothing short of selfish.  This is my opinion and I am entitled.  Seeing people paying thousands for a dog or cat when the same breed is available for a mere adoption fee is mind boggling.  Allowing your pet to breed knowing how many animals are killed for no other reason than no available homes is the most selfish act. 

Being an example to your children showing care and compassion are paramount. 

Tell us more about your vacation rental…

LONG STORY.  When we moved to drip in 1999 our kids would trespass at the neighbor’s.  It was the most beautiful water property and nobody was ever around.  When we finally met Clovis, the owner, we told him we’d love first right of refusal should he ever want to sell. 

In 2015 he called to let us know he was needing to sell.  At 83 years young, never married and no children, he wanted us to have it.

It took a year to beg, borrow, and steal the funds, and in 2016 we closed on this dream property. 

Our ranch, Fiddlers Green, was across the street.  It made perfect sense to name it Fiddlers Creekside.

This eco property has been an unfolding dream.  Today, it’s nearly 100% booked year round with many returning guests.  This property is unique and we hope to offer it as a vacation rental for many years to come. 

We consider it an adult playland and don’t allow kids so it does ensure an exclusive, private place to completely unwind.  

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident, Fiddler's Creekside airbnb

Where can readers see more photos and book it?

Just search “Fiddlers Creekside” and book on either platform of preference.  We do not book privately.

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident, Fiddler's Creekside airbnb canoe on river

What are your favorite things to do in this area?

Stay home, work our land. 

Pick up trash.

Ride horses.

Sometimes I make an outing to El Rey or the Pedernales Trading Post.  I have a horrible commute to North Austin many days a week. My paradise is our ranch. 

Harriet Greenlee Dripping Springs resident, Fiddler's Creekside airbnb, Rainwater Guitar

What advice do you have for newcomers moving to Drip?

I’ve seen some very ugly rhetoric.  It’s simply not necessary.  Choose to not play into it.  Be you. It’s no longer a small town.  Be an asset. 

How can people find you on social media and learn more about your businesses?

A simple google search but please follow Dripping Springs Clean on Facebook and please step out of your comfort zone and clean up a part of the roadway when you see trash. 

Be the one to make a difference and stop depending on others! 

Be an example. 

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