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I had the wonderful opportunity to drive out to Jen’s Succulent shop this morning and learn all about her plants, passions and workshops! Let me introduce you to my new friend and Dripping Springs business owner…

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business She Shed

Hey Jen! Tell us more about yourself...

I taught Kindergarten for 25 years and my first job was at the school on RR12 (it was called Dripping Springs Primary School back then!)

I have always loved the community in Dripping Springs. My sons both graduated from Dripping Springs High School and had the most amazing teachers, counselors and staff. We are so grateful for their experiences and opportunities through DSISD.

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

What made you decide to start Rooted Treasure Succulents? 

I had the opportunity to homeschool my twin nieces (for Pre K and Kindergarten years) while taking care of my grandma who was on hospice with cancer. During this time, I was making succulent gifts for friends and family and it started to grow slowly. I attended the Dripping Springs Farmers Market and that was so fun and the community was excited about succulents. We had just started to have succulent make and take workshops, booked some weddings and we were really getting excited about where the business was going when Covid hit. Things got slow and I remember doing Mother’s Day Porch Pick ups in May of 2020 and that was a good idea.

During Covid, my family and I built our Succulent She Shed and that was a fun project. My husband is very talented and was really able to bring my vision to life with old farmhouse walls and tin roofs. It is a beautiful space and I am so grateful. Half of the shop is used for Succulent Workshops and shoppers and the other half is a designated work space to create arrangements for deliveries and custom orders. 

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business workshops

How did you overcome the struggles of starting a small business right before Covid hit?

We just kept going and tried to be creative. We did lots of “grab and go gifts”. We did Succulent workshops outdoors instead of inside. We spent time working on our new building and ordering inventory and dreaming a bit. This Fall, we finally did Vendor Events and Markets again and it was so wonderful to connect with my customers in that way again.

Everyone was so excited and supportive.

We have also started doing same day Floral delivery and that has been a fun addition. Every succulent gift comes with a story and people are always sharing amazing stories with me and I am honored to hear their background.  On any given day, we may have baby shower guest favors, wedding centerpieces, a funeral arrangement, a special anniversary or sometimes a loss. I have cried and laughed with people as I learn why these succulents are being gifted. It is special. 

We also hired a team to update our website and continue to learn about Google, Yelp, Instagram, Facebook and other ways we need to advertise so our customers can find us. Of course, the best way has been word of mouth and that is so helpful. 

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

What do you love about succulents?

People always think I have a green thumb, but I never have….I have always killed all the plants but succulents are so easy, even I can do it! They thrive on neglect, lol. They do need light daily but they only need water every few weeks (and only a little bit!) They are very simple. I always tell people if I can do it, anyone can!

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

What are some tips for people who haven’t ever had any?

We give out care tip cards with every arrangement every time. We want our customers to succeed and grow in confidence in caring for these beautiful plants. We have been able to specifically figure out what people need help with (overwatering can be a big issue) and help them have the skills to move forward with the right information to care for their succulents.

Another tip I tell people is to use a syringe or succulent watering bottle when they water because you can water down towards the roots. Some succulent leaves don’t do well if they get watered so I try to avoid the leaves and only water at the base of the plants. 

Jen Miller watering at Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

Where can people shop for your succulents?

Our Shop is located on our land off Highway 290  past Fitzhugh. Since we also live here, we haven’t put our home address online but when customers message us, we send them location info. We also have succulent pop ups at Brandon Drane Chiropractor Care and Indigo Healing Acupuncture several times during the year.  We can also deliver when needed.

What is your best advice for other locals who want to start a new business and get involved in the Dripping Springs community?

The Dripping Springs Community is SO supportive of small business. They are encouraging and helpful. They will tell their mom, sister, neighbor, grandma, and friends about you! Just put yourself out there, don’t give up and take every opportunity to meet new people and stay engaged with others. 

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

Can you recommend any other places to shop locally for other plant lovers?

I like Solstice Outdoors in Dripping Springs. They have some cool plants and neat ideas.

What are your favorite ways to network and meet other business owners?

We have a fun at Succulent workshops and we have had companies do it as a team building exercise. We also meet a lot of realtors as they pick up Succulent closing gifts. We love supporting other small businesses and meeting other vendors at Wedding Bridal shows and Market Days.

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

Tell us about your favorite succulent arrangement…

It is hard to pick a favorite! I love them all but my favorite arrangements have purples and pink colors in the succulents. I think they are so beautiful.

You host workshops for groups, can you tell us more about that?

Due to Covid, we are having people book their own private workshops. We have hosted Mom groups, families, birthday parties (for kids or adults!), bachelorette parties and team building. They can pick their own budget (ex: a $35 party – each participant would make a $35 arrangement). This is a fun and creative way to hang out with others and everyone always leaves happy and excited about their new plants. 

Jen Miller Rooted Treasure Succulents Dripping Springs Local Business

How do people find you on social media? Our instagram and facebook are both called “Rooted Treasure Succulents” and our website is

How can others best support your small business?

Facebook and Instagram algorithms have changed the past couple of years and it has become harder to be seen on these sites without people commenting and sharing. The best thing you can do for a small business is word of mouth and that can mean tagging someone in your instagram story of leaving them a Facebook review. All of these tools help a lot!

I love meeting all of the different business owners in the Dripping Springs area! If you are visiting the area for a vacation or are interested in moving into this wonderful community then email or call me and I’ll be happy to share more about this small town and can answer any questions that you have!

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