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Enchanted Rock State Park

If you are visiting the Texas Hill Country or planning to move here then there are so many Texas State Parks within an hour radius to visit!

Enchanted Rock State Park

Enchanted Rock has been on my list for the last two years, but it was always booked out when we checked into reserving it. It looked like we were going to hike the moon when we pulled up in the parking lot and saw the huge, pink granite dome rising above the parking lot below. All the kids kept ewing and awing when they saw it!

Enchanted Rock State Park hill

Enchanted Rock State Park is about an hour and 15 minutes NW of Dripping Springs and is close to Fredericksburg, Texas. You can hike in the morning and then run into Fredericksburg and relax at one of the many local wineries.

Enchanted Rock State Park rocks

I was just glad we decided to hike it in the winter and not when it was 100 degrees with 100% humidity in July or August! Climbing to the top of this 425 ft high dome is like climbing up a 30-40 story building and there is no shade to help keep you cool when you are resting. That granite heats up like an oven and the heat radiates off the rock.

Enchanted Rock State Park boulder

There are over 11 miles of hiking with so many neat boulders and rock formations to climb and check out!

Enchanted Rock State Park summit

We finally made it to the top with all of the kids and the view stretched on for miles and was so beautiful!

Enchanted Rock State Park hilltop view

Be sure to pack plenty of water because that vertical hike will zap you! There is also not a very large parking lot, so be prepared to park farther away and walk to the main summit trails. This is the reason they stagger the reservations on the Texas State Park website to control the parking.

Enchanted Rock State Park hilltop view

It was such a memorable hike and we can definitely check it off our bucket list now!

Enchanted Rock State Park hike

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