A weekend in Dripping Springs for an Enneagram 6

I had this idea a few weeks ago to start a weekend itinerary for Dripping Springs based on the Enneagram personality profiles!

Tourism is a huge part of the local economy (along with all of those guests for the hundreds of weddings we host here!) and knowing what’s available is so helpful!

I have people from all over contact me online to ask where to go when they visit the area and my first questions are about their personality and what sounds fun to them. Are they introverts or extroverts? Do they love adventure or relaxing? History or experiences?

I try to figure out what to recommend tailored to their personality preferences and then recently decided to make an entire blog thread with ideas so that I can send them out when people ask!

Here is my next one for the Enneagram 6!

Enneagram Type 6s, often known as “The Loyalists,” are characterized by their strong sense of responsibility, loyalty, and a deep need for security and stability. They are often the “planners” and “problem-solvers,” always anticipating challenges and preparing for them. While they seek trustworthy relationships and systems, they can also be skeptical and question the motives of others. Their vigilant nature makes them excellent at spotting risks.

While planning this one I wanted to fill it with ease, comfort and relaxation, security and beauty! I also thought that coming during the Dripping Springs Songwriter’s Festival October 20th-22nd would be a perfect match for you!

Here you go sixes!!!

A Weekend of Community and Comfort in Dripping Springs: An Itinerary for the Loyal Companion

Day 1: Arrival & Community Connection

Stay at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel: Check into the Courtyard by Marriott, a hotel known for its ease, convenience, and security—qualities that will put your mind at ease. You are only a few blocks away from the Historic Mercer District, across the street from Ally ER in case anyone has an emergency and across the street from the HEB for convenience!

Afternoon at the Songwriters Festival: Spend the afternoon walking around Mercer Street at the Dripping Springs Songwriter’s Festival listening to Texas songwriters perform on various stages. The sense of community and shared experience will resonate with your value for connection and loyalty.

Hays City Store in Driftwood Texas

Dinner at Hays City Store: Head to Hays City Store and indulge in their signature chicken fried chicken with jalapeño gravy. The comfort food will hit the spot and set the tone for a cozy weekend. They even have live music and the drive to get there through Driftwood is glorious on a nice weather day!

Hays City Store Driftwood Texas

Day 2: Exploration & Relaxation

Sleep In & Lunch at Fitzhugh Brewing: Enjoy a well-deserved sleep-in and follow it up with a hearty lunch at Fitzhugh Brewing. The beautiful and laid-back atmosphere will align with your desire for a relaxed day. There is even a nice playground for kids! Try their Texas Hot Chicken sandwich and Bavarian Pretzel with queso and end it with a Frio pop!

History of Dripping Springs: Pick up a history pamphlet from the visitor center by City Hall on west Mercer and explore the old historical buildings on Mercer Street while you walk around and hear more musicians on the local stage! Your interest in community and history will find fulfillment here.

Rippys Ranch Supply Dripping Springs

Chill Out at the Hotel: Spend some downtime at the hotel, perhaps taking advantage of its amenities or simply enjoying some quiet time.

Early Matinee at EVO: Beat the crowds and catch an early matinee at EVO Entertainment. The movie experience will offer a nice balance of entertainment and relaxation. You can get bottomless Icees and yummy food during the movie.

Dinner at Crimson Creek Smokehouse Food Truck: Grab dinner from the Crimson Creek Smokehouse food truck. The casual and comforting meal will be a perfect end to your day where you can grab food at their truck and not wait in long lines.

BBQ at an outdoor eatery in Dripping Springs

Day 3: Exploration & Farewell

Coffee on the Patio at Mazama: Start your morning with a coffee on the patio at Mazama. The peaceful outdoor setting will offer a moment of reflection and appreciation. Play a game of oversized Jenga while you are there!

Drive Around the Backroads: Spend your last hours driving around the backroads, exploring different neighborhoods and terrain. Drive west on Windy Hills towards Kothman road and you will see my FAVORITE spot to overlook the Texas Hill Country. Rumor has it that this is the local make-out spot since there is a caliche parking lot on the top of the hill.

Dripping Springs sunsets

This weekend in Dripping Springs offers a blend of community connection, historical exploration, and comforting experiences, all tailored to the loyal and security-conscious nature of an Enneagram Type 6. From the Songwriters Festival to the historical tour, every moment is designed to engage your sense of community and offer a secure yet enriching experience.

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