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On February 3rd, 2019, Tim Allen and his son, Will, experienced a near-fatal car accident that changed their lives forever. Tim had just returned home to Dripping Springs after his mother’s funeral, and was ready to be back home with his family. Will, who was only seven years old at the time, had just entered the select baseball world and was a focused and fierce competitor. They were headed home from baseball practice to go watch the super bowl with his family when the accident happened.

When help arrived to the traumatic scene Tim and Will were taken to separate hospitals for treatment, and Tim was told by his dad and wife, Shara, that Will had suffered a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from right below the chest down.

Despite the devastating news, Tim and his family decided to embrace the situation, lean on their faith, and be thankful for the blessing of life that they had. Their family, friends, and community rallied around them with endless support and love, creating a GoFundMe account and various benefits to raise funds for Will’s medical care.

The hashtag #willpower spread rapidly through social media outlets, and a WillPower baseball tournament was put together to show support. This is the 5th year for the tournament and it will be held this weekend all across the central Texas region!

During this time, Tim had a conversation with a family friend, Erik Whinery, who suggested they share Will’s story and how the community was rallying around them. It was then that Tim realized how blessed they were and decided to use their horrific experience to help other children like Will and their families. They wanted to give them hope for better days ahead.

The Allen Family in Belterra Austin, Texas with Will their son and Kyla their daughter.

Hi Shara and Tim, tell us more about your family…

We are the Allens.  We love God, family, friends, traveling and all sports. 

We are a very on the go, live in the moment, never take a day for granted type of family.  

Tim Allen family in Belterra Austin, Texas with WillPower baseball

What brought you to Dripping Springs? 

Tim and I always had the vision of raising our children in the Dripping Springs area but our jobs were both in North Austin.  When both of our jobs relocated closer to this area we knew that it was the absolute right move and this is where we belonged.  

What made you decide to stay after the terrible car accident in 2019? 

The community. 

The way this entire community rallied around our family is not something you find just anywhere, it is special and truly one of the only reasons we were able to make it through the trauma of the accident. 

Will Allen playing wheelchair basketball with his family

How has your family been able to move forward and overcome such adversity and pain? 

Through recognizing that each and every day is a blessing; we still have life and we will live it to the fullest. 

What has been the foundation of Will’s determination in his recovery and life moving forward after the car accident? 

Faith in God, belief that he will be on his feet again one day, and thankfulness that he is still here with us to make memories with. 

Tim Allen of WillPower baseball playing legos with his son, Will

What is his advice to others who have gone through similar traumatic injuries? What is yours’ as parents? 

Will’s advice is “to always remember in life if something bad happens don’t let it stop you from being the best you can.”  

Our advice is to live life now, don’t wait for a traumatic event to happen to live and be grateful for each day.   

What is he involved in now? 

Will is currently involved in wheelchair basketball who just got a bid to Nationals in Wichita, Kansas this March and wheelchair track and field which just started up their season. 

Outside of those organized sports, he is involved in anything and everything he can possibly do:  kayaking, archery, fishing, hunting, traveling, playing with friends, you name it!

How has his injury changed your family’s purpose and mission? 

We give gratitude for each and every second of every day. 

Tell us more about the WillPower baseball tournament…

This is the fifth annual baseball tournament.  The first one was put on by a dear friend in the community to raise money directly for Will.  After the accident we started the Willpower Community Foundation to help other families whose children have sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury, the second – present tournaments all proceeds from the concession stand at DSYSA and registration fees go towards the foundation to help us fulfill our mission.  It’s a lot of fun and a very unique way to keep Will close to the game of baseball which he has always loved. 

What does your daughter, Kyla love to do for fun? 

She plays a lot of sports and when she is not competing in something she is hanging with us as a family or her friends.  

What are the best ways for teenagers to get connected in Dripping Springs? 

Be involved in something and if it’s not a sport, find something that you love and plug in with people who are like minded to you.  

Where do you love to go as a family in Dripping Springs?

Home..haha!  Kidding, we are on the go a lot so going home is always fun!  But really we love going into town for DS football and baseball games along with anything associated with Founder’s Day 🙂  

Will Allen holding his registered therapy dog, Annie

How can we learn more about your foundation and story? 

You can learn more about us on our website:  and please if you know any children to send our way, please pass our website along to their parents/them as well. 

It’s an honor to help others in the same fashion that we were helped, we genuinely would not have made it without this community.  Thank you all!

It was a pleasure meeting the Allen family this week! Magnolia Realty is the headline sponsor for this event and it will be my first time to volunteer for the event. Ya’ll come out and check it out this weekend and click HERE for more info on the event.

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