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Who doesn’t want a pool in the sweltering heat of Austin summers? During the pandemic I heard so many people talking about how hard it was to find a pool builder to come and build a pool without a 6-12 month wait list and for less than $150,000.

I first heard about Little Dipper Pools from my brother in law a few months ago. He was mentioning how they die-cast the pools out of concrete off site and bring them in on a crane making it more affordable and much faster than custom pools.

So when I heard a friend had one put in I wanted to learn more and feature this cool, local business- Little Dipper Pools! Their pools are sleek and modern and are fast and affordable… what’s not to love about Little Dipper? Let me introduce you to my new friend, Josh Fort and he can tell you more…

Josh Fort with Little Dipper Pools in Dripping Springs, Texas

Hi Josh! Tell us more about yourself and your family...

Whitney and I have three kids; Margot, Paul, and Merrick. We recently moved to Dripping Springs about a year ago, and we love it! We live in Headwaters and love the family atmosphere and community. We attend Austin Ridge Church, Dripping Springs Campus. 

Josh Fort family with Little Dipper Pools in Dripping Springs, Texas

How did ya’ll come up with the idea for Little Dipper Pools?

Boone Brosseau and I have teamed up and are working together to grow Little Dipper. The idea and name came from Boone, love the name! Our vision for Little Dipper is to create a fast and fun way to cool off – providing a way for you to make memories with your family.

The pool building process can be a long and difficult process, we’re here to change that.

You no longer have to spend $100k an d wait 6 months (or even a year) to get a high end swimming pool that your family will love!

Josh Fort family with Little Dipper Pools in Dripping Springs, Texas

What sizes are available and how deep are they?

We currently offer one size: 18 feet long x 8 feet wide. They’re about 5 feet deep, with steps leading to a baja shelf – a great, shallow area for young kids to play. It’s a smaller pool, more modern pool- great for backyards that don’t have a lot of space or don’t want to use a lot of space for a larger pool.

Little Dipper Pools Dripping Springs, Tx

Are the pools heated? 

Our goal was to go above and beyond by providing an equipment setup that would last for years to come, be super easy to maintain, and provide a great swimming experience. Each pool arrives with a preinstalled concrete pad including everything needed to get you swimming, including the ability to manage the pool from your phone. 

The Little Dipper is all about having a great experience… so, YES! A heater comes with every pool to allow for year round swimming. 

Josh Fort family with Little Dipper Pools in Dripping Springs, Texas

How long does it take to complete from the time a pool is ordered until the first canon ball splash?

We can easily manufacture and deliver a Little Dipper within 30 days. Once delivered to your backyard, the install process typically takes two to four weeks depending on the complexity of the landscape surrounding the pool.

The permitting process is usually the hang up. For those familiar with permitting, there can sometimes be delays that are out of our control. Once permitting is approved, we can get you swimming in 30 days.

Little Dipper Pools Dripping Springs, Texas

Are there any lot restrictions or can anyone put in a Little Dipper?

Depending on where you live, restrictions might include exceeding your impervious coverage and crane access. Access can sometimes be tricky when trying to drop a pool into a backyard by crane. Each property is different, that’s the fun part.

Josh Fort family with Little Dipper Pools in Dripping Springs, Texas

Other than your Little Dipper Pools, what are your favorite places to jump in some water around this area?

Jacob’s well! I remember going there while growing up, have great memories, and looking forward to making more with our kids.

Little Dipper Pools

What do you love about running a business in Dripping Springs?

The community here really is great. Feels like everyone is connected and wanting to help one another. Whether you’re wanting to remodel your home, find a new bike trail, or need a new pool – someone’s here for you.

Josh Fort and Boone Broussard of Gatco

How can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @thelittledippertx            


Phone Number: 512-545-6276

Dripping is packed to the brim with entrepreneurs doing cool things and I love sharing them with you! Do you know of someone interesting that would want to be featured? Just reach out to me and I’ll get them scheduled!

Want to move to this area and are interested in the process of building a pool if your dream home doesn’t already have one? Email or call me and I can guide you to the right information and help you buy a home! I’m a local Dripping Springs Realtor and love meeting new people and helping them move to the Hill Country! and 512-569-8480

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