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If you’ve met Kelly Ann Timmins you know that she is a ray of sunshine! I met her when her daughter started babysitting my kids and was excited about her new Spanish tutoring business! Meet my friend, Kelly Ann…

Hey Kelly Ann! Tell us more about yourself…

A little about me… I’m a teacher by trade, having taught preschool music, bilingual kindergarten, first grade, elementary intervention, and middle school Spanish. I’m enthusiastic, creative, and curious by nature. (Enneagram 7 anyone?)

My husband James and I have two kids in high school here at DSHS. We’re both native Texans and are lucky to be close to our families who live on land not too far from us. Our crew spends lots of time together on little local hill country adventures, or just at home elaborately celebrating things like our pets birthdays. 

Kelly Ann Timmins Dripping Springs Spanish tutor with Spanish with Senora Timmins

What brought you to Dripping Springs? 

I actually followed my sister Kasey here! That, and seriously, what’s not to love about Dripping Springs?

What do you love most about living here? 

The people. Like Drip itself, the people here are a little bit country and a little bit suburban. It seems like there’s a special blend of personalities that choose Dripping Springs for a home. Most people I know here are sincere, friendly, and laid-back, but also accomplished and committed to making a positive difference in the world. 

Kelly Ann Timmins Dripping Springs Spanish tutor with Spanish with Senora Timmins

Tell us about your Spanish tutoring business? 

Since I was four, Spanish has captivated me entirely! My babysitter, Pancha, introduced me to the language and Hispanic culture, igniting my passion. 

Having studied Spanish throughout high school and college, I had the super fun opportunity to live in both Mexico and Puerto Rico for a while. These experiences deepened my connection to the language and culture. Eventually, I pursued certification as a Spanish teacher, allowing me to maintain my immersion in Spanish and share my passion for the language with others.

It brings me immense joy to walk along with fellow enthusiasts like myself in improving their Spanish skills, fostering connections, forging friendships, and broadening their worldly experiences.

Kelly Ann Timmins Dripping Springs Spanish tutor with Spanish with Senora Timmins

What made you start that business?

To be honest, it wasn’t really the plan at all. I was happily teaching Spanish full-time here in DSISD when I suddenly became urgently needed as a family caretaker. It was so gut wrenching to abandon ship at school, and I’ll forever be grateful to my friends and the leadership inn DSISD for loving me through it.

Despite my family facing multiple serious health challenges, we’ve all kinda found a new groove and life has settled down a lot. Becoming a private teacher is allowing me to continue loving life and sharing Spanish with new friends. And it provides the essential flexibility that caretaking requires.

Kelly Ann Timmins Dripping Springs Spanish tutor with Spanish with Senora Timmins

Who is it for and where do you meet?

I teach small-group adult Spanish classes of 2-6 students at local restaurants and coffee shops right here in Dripping Springs! I emphasize fun conversation and friendship, while also including grammar and vocabulary essentials.

Do we need to have had some Spanish speaking experience to join your classes?

Everybody’s welcome! We’ll start where you are and grow together. Classes are fun and mistakes are required!

Kelly Ann Timmins Dripping Springs Spanish tutor with Spanish with Senora Timmins

What is your favorite place for Mexican food in town?

My favorite spots for Mexican food are El Rey and Flores. The staff at El Rey are SO friendly, and Flores is our family’s go to delicious food every time. My Spanish classes meet at both, actually.

How can we learn more and follow along on your journey?

I would love to connect! I keep my Facebook page up to date and I’m creating some Spanish teaching reels too. A quick way to jump in is to complete this short connection form so I can learn more about your Spanish experience and determine which class will be the best fit.

Kelly Ann Timmins Dripping Springs Spanish tutor with Spanish with Senora Timmins

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