It’s GO TIME – steps to prepping your Dripping Springs and Austin area home to sell

“Can you list our home in the next few days?”

I have heard people ask this not knowing how much time it takes to prep a listing for the market. Some people think that Realtors don’t do too much… I can tell you firsthand that we do a LOT of work behind the scenes(well the good ones anyway!).

In a coaching group I once heard the mentor say to get a house on the market the day after you meet for the listing appointment and just run over there and take cell phone photos.

No thanks.

At Magnolia Realty we put a large emphasis on the most quality marketing experience possible, and cell phone photos won’t make the cut.

I tell people that prepping a home for listing is like a bride prepping for a wedding… you have to do a makeover(staging and decluttering), put some lipstick on (curb appeal) and get ready for the most important photos of your home’s life- listing photos!

At Magnolia Realty we take careful planning on using the best photographers, stagers, and marketing available in our area and this takes time! All of these things combined creates more impressions for your home online which is the first place a buyer will see it and want to learn more.

Sure, you can photoshop the house and make it look good without it actually being amazing in person, but that is where the deep cleaning and staging comes into play. Don’t worry, I’ve got a person on my team for that too!

The Essential Timeline for Listing Your Home

Prime selling season is upon us know that March is here and according to March-May and November-December are the best months to sell your home in the Austin area.

So that means it is time to get started with those listing interviews ASAP!

When it comes to selling your home, timing is not just a factor—it’s the foundation of success.

Starting the home-selling journey without ample preparation is like setting sail without a compass; you might eventually find your way, but not without unnecessary hassle and delay. That’s why engaging with a knowledgeable listing agent at a month before you aim to list your home is crucial.

This strategic approach ensures your home shines brightest when it hits the market, capturing the interest of eager buyers and paving the way for a swift, rewarding sale. There was a time in 2021-2022 that timing didn’t matter as much, and your home would sell if you only put a sign out in front without any additional marketing, but times have changed! 7%+ interest rates have removed 30-40% of buyer’s purchasing power through mortgage approval since the 2-3% interest rate eras and homes need to shine as much as possible to sell in this high interest rate time.

Marketing is of utmost importance.

Dripping Springs Homes for Sale, Dripping Springs Realtor Lauren Clark

So let’s dive into the essential steps and timing for listing your home, tailored to maximize appeal to potential Austin and Dripping Springs’ buyers while minimizing your stress.

Week 1: Consultation and Decluttering

  • Consultation: Give me a call and I can come and tour your home (no need to clean or have it looking fancy!) and show you the comps for your neighborhood and market area, and share my approach to marketing. Give me a call at 512-569-8480
  • Decluttering: Simplify your space. A clutter-free home isn’t just visually appealing; it invites potential buyers to envision their own lives unfolding within its walls. This week, focus on decluttering, a simple yet transformative step. Once the listing paperwork is signed I will have my stager come in and walk you through a checklist from room to room of what to pack, clean and move around for the best buyer experience.

Week 2: Staging and Curb Appeal Enhancement

  • Staging: This is where art meets strategy. If needed, my professional stager will highlight your home’s strengths and crafts an inviting atmosphere with either live in staging or vacant staging. We can also do virtual AI staging if that works better for the home. People can understand the flow of the space better when it has furniture that shows off the aesthetic of the home.
  • Curb Appeal: First impressions are lasting. Enhancing your home’s exterior—from landscaping to a fresh coat of paint on the front door—can significantly impact a buyer’s initial reaction. I recommend washing windows, power washing the exterior and concrete and adding new mulch to the flower beds.

Week 3: Deep Cleaning and Photography

  • Deep Cleaning: A clean home is very important. If needed, hire professional cleaners to come in and wipe baseboards, clean window seals and cobwebs out of places that you’ve probably forgotten even existed! People will recognize pride of ownership and feel like the overall condition of the home will be better and worth more when the home is very clean!
  • Photography: Professional photos capture your home’s best angles, telling its story through a lens that maximizes appeal. These images are your first marketing tool, enticing buyers to visit in person. We hire the best real estate photographer and get their biggest package with all upgrades for every listing. We do not skimp on the details when marketing your home!

Week 4: Final Preparations and Listing

  • Final Preparations: Address any last-minute details. Ensure everything looks and functions flawlessly, from the front yard to the furthest corner of the attic.
  • Listing: Timing is everything. Listing your home on a Thursday positions it perfectly for weekend showings when buyers are most active. This strategy increases visibility and maximizes potential offers. I will put together all of the marketing materials once the photo and videos are back and will leverage those on social media and print to bring the most eyes to your listing!

I have put my team in hyper drive and have staged and listed a home within a week and a half, but it’s always less stressful for everyone if we have more time to coordinate with all of the professionals that I put into action to market your home!

Dripping Springs Home for Sale, Dripping Springs Real Estate Agent Lauren Clark

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