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If you’ve recently moved to (or are thinking about moving to) Dripping Springs, Texas, and want to know about the Dripping Springs Independent School District (DSISD) then this is the place for you!

DSISD has grown by almost 4,000 students in the past decade and serves over 8,400 kids from pre-K to 12th grade.

My three boys attend DSISD and love it! When we moved here I was nervous about sending them to a new school and it has been such an easy transition for them all.

The district has eight schools, including five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, as well as a central administration/child development center and transportation service center.

Here’s what you need to know about the schools:

Elementary Schools:

Cypress Springs Elementary in Dripping Springs, Texas

1. Cypress Springs Elementary: This school is located at 11091 Darden Hill Rd. and sends students to Sycamore Springs Middle School. It is the newest school and will be the future site for the third middle school and second high school compound.

Dripping Springs Elementary in Dripping Springs, Texas

2. Dripping Springs Elementary: Found at 29400 Ranch Road 12, this elementary school sends kids to Dripping Springs Middle School. This is the original and smallest school in Dripping Springs across from Ranch Park.

Rooster Springs Elementary Dripping Springs, Texas

3. Rooster Springs Elementary: At 1001 Belterra Dr., Rooster Springs Elementary sends students to Sycamore Springs Middle School. Rooster Springs is currently zoned only for neighborhood residents in Belterra. People love this school because many can walk or bike their children to school and it provides a very close knit neighborhood feel.

Sycamore Elementary School Dripping Springs, Texas

4. Sycamore Springs Elementary: This elementary school is at 14451 Sawyer Ranch Rd. and sends kids to Sycamore Springs Middle School- next door!

Walnut Springs Elementary School Dripping Springs, Texas

5. Walnut Springs Elementary: Located at 113 Tiger Lane, this elementary school sends kids to Dripping Springs Middle School. Walnut is a newer school located right next to the oldest middle school in Dripping- Dripping middle school campus.

Middle Schools:

Dripping Springs Middle School, Dripping Springs, Texas

1. Dripping Springs Middle School: Found at 111 Tiger Lane, this school is for students in grades 6-8 and sends them to Dripping Springs High School. This school offers unique electives like Outdoor Education, Myth Solvers, Classic Movies, Small Engine Mechanics and Video Production!

Sycamore Middle School Dripping Springs, Texas

2. Sycamore Springs Middle School: At 14451 Sawyer Ranch Rd., this school is also for grades 6-8 and sends students to Dripping Springs High School. This schools offers unique electives like German, Entrepreneur Workshop, Lifetime fitness, Intro to Programming, Advanced Technical Theatre and more! Sycamore is the newest Middle school in Dripping Springs and is joined with Sycamore Elementary. It is a massive campus!

High School:

Dripping Springs High School Dripping Springs, Texas

1. Dripping Springs High School: This high school is located at 940 Highway 290 West and serves students in grades 9-12. The high school has over 2,300 students and according to their website, 95% plan to attend some form of college. This campus offers unique electives like Animal Science/Vet Med, Audio/Visual Technology, Auto Technology, Real Estate Seminar, Financial Markets, Floral design, Programming, Greek and Roman Mythology, Robotics, Broadcast Journalism, Welding, and more! There are plans for a second high school and the bond package is being put on the ballot this May after failing to pass in the fall. Residents were at odds on the price tag and necessity of the items included. Some wanted to keep the town to a 1 high school campus, while others wanted to provide more opportunity for the growing student body with sports and academics with 2 campuses. The bond package is for $481 million to build a second high school campus and will also provide updates to the current high school. It will take approximately 4 years to build once the bond is passed, by this time the original high school will be well over max capacity.

The district is known for its academic excellence with an A+ rating (according to niche.com!) and offers a variety of programs, like Advanced Placement courses, fine arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. The high school was moved up from 5A to 6A last year and the Tiger football team made it to state playoffs this year and had an incredible season and the girl’s Volleyball team won state!

DSISD 2022-2023 zoning map

Here is the 2022 DSISD zoning map. ***Be aware that zoning can change from year to year as the school district grows and adds more schools.

DSISD’s growth projections are projected to continually skyrocket with a full build-out expected in the 2030s. At that point, the district is projected to have 3 high schools, 5 middle schools, and 12 elementary schools to accommodate the growing student population. The rapid influx of new rooftops in neighborhoods like Headwaters, Double L Ranch, Big Sky Ranch, Parten Ranch, Heritage, and Village Grove, are a clear indication of the district’s future continued growth.

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Once it begins development in 2024, Double L Ranch is expected to be a dominant force in the local housing market, with an estimated 1,795 new homes built between 2023 and 2031, (and almost 11,000 new single-family homes district wide by 2031!), and a complete build-out projected around 2034. The district’s commitment to meeting the needs of its community is evident in its’ plans to expand and improve its education system, providing students with the resources and facilities they need to thrive.

Are you more interested in the private schools available in Dripping Springs, Texas? Check out this blog post HERE that details the ages served, philosophy and tuition rates of local private schools and pre-k options!

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Are you wanting a local’s perspective on the school system? I have friends with kids in all of the schools and am happy to connect you with them to talk further about their unique perspective and experience in DSISD.

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