5 Upcoming Home Developments in Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is a small town in the heart of Texas that has seen significant growth over the recent years… and even more exponential growth is coming! With its natural beauty, thriving local economy, and proximity to Austin, it’s no surprise that developers have been eyeing this area for new residential communities. According to the Dripping Springs school bond website, there are plans for almost 11,000 new construction homes in DSISD by 2034.

Since 2019, Dripping Springs has been growing fast, which means new people, new businesses, and more money coming in for the community. But, with all this growth comes many concerns from the locals who created the friendly Texas draw to this small town.

The biggest concerns are the depletion of natural water resources, traffic and lack of city infrastructure. More people means more cars on the road, which is leading to major congestion.

HWY 290 has become a hot topic for facebook posts on Dripping Springs Neighbors about people getting caught in traffic from the Walnut Springs, Dripping Middle and High School traffic from 8-10AM and 3-4 PM is rough… especially when the light at Sportsplex quits working occasionally.

RR 12 is only a 2 lane road and a simple fender bender can stop traffic for a patience-testing amount of time. Facebook seems to be a local warning system to the current residents of where bad wrecks and major traffic occurs. This is the beauty of being a small town… word travels fast!

Another concern is the depletion of central Texas water sources as more wells are dug and the current drought seems endless. Lake Travis is looking increasingly bare and swimming at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley has been shut down for the foreseeable future as its’ artesian spring is hardly flowing. As more people move to Dripping Springs and surrounding areas, the demand for water increases, which can put a strain on the local water supply and aquifers. We need to make sure that we have enough water for everyone, both now and in the future. Conservationists and developers must come to a middle ground on these issues.

There’s also worry that all of this growth will ruin the small town feel that makes Dripping Springs so special. We don’t want to lose that sense of community that we all love. Developers need to make sure that new developments fit in with the town’s character and promote a sense of belonging.

Overall, growth can be a good thing for Dripping Springs. It means more jobs, more money, and more opportunities for residents and people coming in for weddings and vacations. But, we need to make sure that we address the concerns of long-time locals and preserve the things that make our town so great.

Here are the five newest and upcoming developments planned for Dripping Springs:

  • Heritage: A 188-acre community being built by homebuilders Tri Pointe Homes and M/I Homes. The development promises around 600 homes that offer modern living with a touch of country charm. It is currently in the building phase and new homes are going up! To watch this community come to life be sure to join the facebook group HERITAGE NEIGHBORHOOD DRIPPING SPRINGS.

  • Double L Ranch: Also known as Anarene, this is a massive development that will bring in 2,231 homes. The developers are also responsible for the construction of a two-lane road that will flow through the development and up to Hwy. 290. By 2025, the developers will update the road to four lanes, which will reduce traffic on RR 12 by about half. To learn more about this neighborhood as it develops join the facebook group for DOUBLE L RANCH NEIGHBORHOOD.

  • Cannon Ranch: Located north of West Hwy. 290, this development will feature a 375-unit residential community on 100 acres. The community will also have 24 acres of parkland dedicated to the city and a neighborhood trail system that will connect to Founders Park and downtown Dripping Springs. Dirt work has begun on this Ashton Woods Cannon Tract in March 2023. To learn more about this neighborhood as it develops join the facebook group CANNON RANCH NEIGHBORHOOD.

  • Wildridge: A new 283-acre neighborhood being planned in Dripping Springs will host 960 new homes along with roads, water lines, commercial space, and public land. To learn more about this neighborhood as it develops join the facebook group WILDRIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD.

  • Village Grove: A new development of over 100 acres is bringing more homes to the city of Dripping Springs. The Public development district (PDD) Grove Village was approved by the city council and will cover a wide area directly connected to Sports Park Road and close to the Dripping Springs Sports and Recreation Park with 531 residential units, retail and a civic center and 23.9 acres of open parkland. To watch this neighborhood come to life join the facebook group VILLAGE GROVE NEIGHBORHOOD.

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As with any growth, there are concerns about its impact on the community. However, these developments also offer exciting opportunities for modern living and thoughtful planning. It’s our hope that they’ll contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of our town while still preserving its unique character.

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