A weekend in Dripping Springs for an Enneagram 4

I had this idea a few weeks ago to start a weekend itinerary for Dripping Springs based on the Enneagram personality profiles!

Tourism is a huge part of the local economy (along with all of those guests for the hundreds of weddings we host here!) and knowing what’s available is so helpful!

I have people from all over contact me online to ask where to go when they visit the area and my first questions are about their personality and what sounds fun to them. Are they introverts or extroverts? Do they love adventure or relaxing? History or experiences?

I try to figure out what to recommend tailored to their personality preferences and then recently decided to make an entire blog thread with ideas so that I can send them out when people ask!

So here is my fourth one… recommendations for local places to stay and things to do based on your Enneagram 4 profile! I recommend to come during fourth of July to enjoy the nostalgia of the Wimberley VFW rodeo and parade!

A Weekend of Artistry and Uniqueness in Dripping Springs: An Itinerary for the Creative Soul

Reimer's Observatory Dripping Springs Texas

Day 1: Arrival & Exploration

Stay at the Machan Tree House at Asante: Check into the enchanting Machan Tree House at Asante. This unique accommodation will appeal to your love for the unconventional and artistic. Walk outside and look at all of the exotic deer!

Dinner at Jester King Brewery: Enjoy pizza and beer for dinner at Jester King Brewery. The artisanal brews and farm environment will make for a unique evening out! Pet the goats and walk their 2 mile nature trail as you are surrounded by over 100 acres of Texas Hill Country owned all by the brewery!

Stargazing at Reimer’s Ranch Observatory: End the night with a mesmerizing stargazing experience at Reimer’s Ranch Observatory. The vastness of the cosmos (and Milky Way!) will inspire as you enjoy a cool night in the dark sky community. The astronomers will educate you and show you different planets and what deep space looks like!

Alchemy Juice Dripping Springs

Day 2: Artistry & Celebration

Breakfast at Alchemy Juice: Start your day with a nourishing bottle of juice at Alchemy Juice. The fresh and inventive juice will fuel you for a day of adventure!

Head to Wimberley for Live Glass Blowing: Visit Wimberley Glassworks to witness the mesmerizing art of live glass blowing. There is a back room with seating where you can watch the artists heat, shape and reheat beautiful bowls and sculptures. The craftsmanship and beauty will resonate with your artistic soul.

Walk the Wimberley Square: Explore the charming Wimberley Square, where unique shops and galleries await. Check out Ceremony and Kiss the Cook! I highly recommend CreekHouse or Community Pizza for lunch!

Get a Tattoo at Forte Tattoo: Embrace your unique self by getting a black and white geometric tattoo at Forte Tattoo, a renowned studio known for its artistic excellence. Tattoo artist, Dillon Forte was recently featured in Texas Monthly Magazine!

Wimberley VFW 4th of July Rodeo

Attend the Wimberley VFW Rodeo on the Fourth of July: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic celebration of the Wimberley VFW Rodeo. Take a step back in time with the outdoor festivities, funnel cakes, WW2 bomber flyover, mutton bustin’, and an adult calf chase! It is one of my favorite events of the year! It feels like a scene straight out of 1985!

Sonder Coffe Lounge La Ventana Driftwood, Texas

Day 3: Nature & Reflection

Coffee at Sonder: Enjoy a contemplative coffee break at Sonder Coffee in La Ventana in Driftwood. This new coffee shop has a cozy ambiance housed in a bright red barn! Stop and take photos of the Longhorns on your way out!

Hike Reimer’s Ranch Climber’s Cavern: Embrace the natural beauty with a hike through Reimer’s Ranch Climber’s Cavern. Pack tennis shoes and water… you’ll have to shimmy over a large rock holding onto a chain and then hike down some very steep rocks to get to this gorgeous climbing cave!

Reimer's Ranch climber's cavern Dripping Springs, Texas

Focaccia Making Class at Barton Springs Mill: End your trip by diving into the art of bread-making with a focaccia making class at Barton Springs Mill. Under expert guidance, you’ll craft delicious focaccia, connecting with the age-old tradition of baking with ancient grains. This hands-on experience will feed both your creativity and your taste buds…. and it’s right down the street from your treehouse cabin!

Well there you have it!

Enneagram 4s, often referred to as “The Individualist,” are known for their deep emotional sensitivity, creativity, and a strong desire for uniqueness. They are often artistic and introspective, valuing authenticity and self-expression. I hope that you share this with the enneagram 4s in your life who are thinking about coming to the Texas Hill Country!

Have any feedback or ideas? Shoot me a text and let me know if you have another idea for this post! 512-569-8480

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