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Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory building

Milton Reimer’s Ranch is just about my favorite place to go in Dripping Springs. When we first started exploring it I found out that they had an observatory program that you could attend and view the planets and stars. It had been closed for the last two years because of the pandemic and staffing issues, but they finally started their programs again this week… and I jumped on the opportunity to book it!

Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory building

We skipped the Dripping Springs homecoming game and took my dad to view Saturn, dying stars, newborn stars and clusters of stars deep in the milky way through a 30 inch telescope (that costs $30,000!).

Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory trail map

It was quite amazing! The cost is $10/adult – cash only (kids 13 and under are FREE!) and they allow up to 30 people per event. It will benefit you to plan for the weather and bugs because the event begins by the guides rolling back the roof and lowering the window of the observatory.

Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory telescope

They also turned on red lights to help us with night vision and told us not to open our phones or take photos since the blue light would ruin our night vision and keep us from seeing the full splendor of the heavens above. It was so hard not to try to pull out my phone and take a photo of Saturn through the eyepiece… but it was well worth it to retain my night vision and just remember it without screens.

Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory telescope

It was so neat to learn things about outer space that I’ve never heard of and to watch the international space station zoom by at 8:30. The guides had green lasers that beamed miles into the atmosphere and they used them to guide us to various constellations and planets.

Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory telescope

Did you know that they can even book private events? How cool would it be to take a few families and some hot cocoa and have a private starry night party in the fall? You know I’m already cooking up a plan for my own! Private events can be scheduled for only $200!

Milton Reimer's Ranch Observatory

I love that Dripping Springs is an International Dark Sky community. You could see the bright lights from Austin spilling into the sky, but if you looked south-west from the observatory then it was so dark and beautiful.

Dripping Springs sunset Reimers Ranch

What do you think, will you be planning a trip to the Reimer’s Observatory soon? The guides let us know that a lot of the planets will be visible in the winter and they will be scheduling more events to see them! Check out their website HERE for more information and to schedule your trip to the observatory!

Dripping Springs International Dark Sky Community Milky Way

Are you in the area and want to know more fun things to do? I make it a priority to be a local tourism guide along with being a local realtor! Just reach out to me if you are looking for adventures and out of the box ways to connect with your family and nature. I’m happy to help.

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