When a Realtor goes on vacation

I have always heard that when you go on vacation as a Realtor your phone rings non-stop and you can expect to be helping clients and solving problems on the phone the entire time as your family sits there eyeing you on the phone.

I can say that I was nervous that this would happen and I would fall into the trap of ignoring my family the entire vacation to salvage a deal back home or be getting a T-47 signed. Thankfully I asked a friend in my office to cover for me while I was gone and was able to enjoy a week away without any hiccups! Hooray!

When you are used to rat racing all of the time to keep the plates spinning (family, social life, health and business) it is hard to not vacation the same way… on overload!!

My family drove to Florida and experienced about 2 weeks worth of fun and adventure in 6 short days. We jumped from one activity to the next, with very few breaks and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Vacationing with young boys is not for a slow paced momma.

My kids got to see the aqua colored ocean for the first time, swim with wild dolphins, eat snow cones in Seaside, see the USS Alabama battleship, feed wild alligators, ride on an airboat through a swamp, eat beignets in NOLA and so much more!

I needed a trip away after having such a busy season helping so many clients buy and sell homes this year, but you know that I came home and the next day held and open house in Dripping and hit the ground running again!

I am so thrilled with how many incredible memories we made in such a short time.

Now back to work and back to school!

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"Lauren has been in continuous contact with us the
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Lauren has been, and is still is readily available by phone,
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