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I met Whitney during one of the most difficult real estate transactions I’ve ever been through! She is a local Dripping Springs escrow officer at Texas National Title and a dream at the closing table. My client and I breathed a sigh of relief when the deal was closed! Whew!

After that, I knew I needed to get to know her more. She just seemed so kind, relatable and just an all around amazing person.

We went to coffee at Mazama a few weeks ago and just felt immediately at ease as we talked about everything from our mutual terror of public speaking to the local sports scene. I wanted to introduce you to my new friend!

Hey Whitney and Josh! Tell us more about yourselves…

Josh has lived here his entire life, attended Dripping Springs Elementary and his family even helped build many parts of the DSYSA fields.

I moved here in 7th grade, where we met and became great friends. Josh played football, baseball and I was a cheerleader through high school. We started dating after high school and we will be married 16 years this October.

Josh Wright playing baseball with son in Dripping Springs

What was Dripping like 20 years ago? 

We were graduating 20 years ago from DSHS and there were just a few mom and pop shops and still had that country feel.  I would say at that point you still went to Founders Day and felt like you knew everyone.

Josh Wright playing baseball with son in Dripping Springs

What’s it like watching Dripping Springs evolve since you graduated high school? 

Exciting, yet mind blowing how quickly it felt like Dripping Springs was “SO far” from Austin and now it’s roof tops at every turn.

It almost feels connected to Austin which is odd from 20 years ago when the parking lot of Taco Bell was our hangout.

Whitney Wright family  cracking eggs in Dripping Springs home

How many were in your graduating classes? 

Around 265

What are you hoping stays like the old “Drip” and what are you excited about for the future development and growth? 

The small town feel of community, the dark sky district.  Excited about new people, new businesses, and places to take our family to.

Whitney Wright family cracking eggs in Dripping Springs home

How are ya’ll involved in the local community? 

I have been a volunteer for a local race for the past several years, helped out with Founders Day parade , and we have both spent time volunteering at our kids schools. 

Josh has been coaching with DSYSA for the past 4 years for our son’s baseball and I am currently coaching for the first time as a DSYSA cheerleading coach for my daughter.

Whitney Wright family

I would say our go-to restaurants  in the area would be Flores and Route 12, we have three young kids and well…they have play grounds! The staff at both are so friendly and we know most on a first name basis. 

Dripping Springs DSYSA cheer

Some of our favorite places that we go to as a family that we are at a lot would be the ball fields to watch our son practice or play games or Premier Dance where both are girls have attended since they were 2 years old and absolutely love it.

Whitney Wright, Texas National Title Dripping Springs

How long have you been an escrow officer in Dripping Springs? 

On September 1st I will have been in the title industry for 17 years and as an Escrow Officer for the past 12.

Whitney Wright family petting their GSP Rya

What do you love most about being a real estate closer? 

I love getting to work with so many different types of people and styles of transactions. There is not one file that is the exact same and it makes the daily work life interesting.

My favorite part of the entire process is getting to the closing table and finally meeting the clients in person.  The joy I have seeing their smiling faces knowing they have done all the hard work to get to that point and it’s about to pay off as we close on their sale or new purchase is beyond rewarding.

Whitney Wright family petting their GSP Rya

If someone new was moving into town where would you recommend they meet new people and get plugged in? 

We have so many subdivisions around here now that have family friendly activities for their community I would suggest attending those so they can meet their neighbors. 

We have wonderful churches as well that really care about this town and the people in it which I am sure no matter where one attended they would feel welcomed with open arms.  We are also known for the many wineries and breweries in the area so those are good spot to meet up with new people.

What is your favorite local secret that you won’t get in too much trouble for sharing with us? 

We would say taking a stroll down by “the Springs” which is located directly in the middle of town on Mercer Street.

Whitney Wright family jumping in a pool in Dripping Springs, Texas

If you two were to go on a date night, where would you go? 

Most likely Jack Allens in Oak Hill.  Not too far from Dripping Springs, but also somewhere that doesn’t have a play grown because that is usually where we are at otherwise

Whitney Wright family jumping in a pool in Dripping Springs, Texas

If you are ever in need of one amazing title company in Dripping Springs then contact Whitney!

Looking for recommendations of things to do on your visit to Dripping Springs? Maybe you are searching “homes for sale in Dripping Springs” online… well you’re in luck! I’m a local Dripping Springs Realtor and would love to talk with you about your future move, the lifestyle, tax rates, neighborhoods and what is making Dripping Springs boom!

Just reach out to me at 512-569-8480 or email me at and I’d love to talk with you!

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