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I loved meeting the Tynes family this fall and learning more about them! Meghan is a local nutritional therapist and loves what she does! Read more about these Dripping locals below…

Meghan Tynes Dripping Springs local nutritional therapist

What brought you to Dripping Springs?

After meeting my husband, I moved to Oak Hill from Dallas. We would drive out to Dripping
Springs occasionally and loved the small-town feel of it. We moved to Colorado for a few years
and always said we would settle in this area when we moved back. The town has grown a lot,
but there is still that charm that comes with a small town.

How did you land in Highpointe?

While looking for a house, we could just envision ourselves in this neighborhood. My husband
was traveling a lot at the time and it was a safe, welcoming place where you could peacefully
lay your head down at night. It was a smaller development than others in the area and it just felt

How did you get into nutritional therapy and why is that important to you?

I was looking to further my education in the nutrition space after it became such a focus in my
personal life. After researching many different programs, I found that I aligned most with the
Nutritional Therapy Association. The focus is on using food as medicine and working on major
systems in the body such as digestion, blood sugar regulation and hydration to get your body
back to a good baseline.

This is important to me because so many people think how they feel is normal. Sluggish
digestion, acne and being “hangry” is not a normal way of life. It’s very rewarding when people
start feeling amazing by implementing a few small changes!

I also have a Bachelors of Science in Community Health and worked in the healthcare field for
years. I was able to see the consequences of poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, which
pushed me to learn more about how to keep myself and my family healthy.

Meghan Tynes Dripping Springs local nutritional therapist with husband and dogs

What does your model look like?

Our initial chat will be a FREE 20-minute discovery call. This will be your chance to ask
me any questions about my services and for me to understand your top health concerns
and goals.

In preparation of our initial session, you will complete paperwork consisting of:
● Initial Interview Questionnaire: captures concerns, goals, and health history
● Food and Mood Journal: tracks food, beverages, medications, etc. over three
days to identify patterns and increase awareness of eating habits

● Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire: identifies type and frequency of
symptoms experienced

This will give us a baseline of what symptoms or concerns need to be addressed first.
Once paperwork is complete, we will meet to dig deeper into your current symptoms and
create specific dietary and lifestyle goals to work towards. From there, I will develop a
personalized program for you including recommendations, helpful handouts, and other
tools for success. We check in bi- weekly to discuss and edit, if necessary, to achieve
your goals and address your concerns.

I incorporate a lot of education in these sessions, along with recommendations, to help these
habits and lifestyle changes stick. I’m available by email in between sessions as well if someone
needs assistance or encouragement!

Meghan Tynes Dripping Springs local nutritional therapist

What are some of your favorite restaurants to get healthy food in this area?

Hmm…this is a tough one. We eat at home about 90% of the time, so I’m out of the restaurant
loop in Drip. If I were looking for a meal with balanced macronutrients (protein, healthy carbs &
healthy fats) I would go to Homespun. They have multiple healthy dishes that would tick the
macronutrient boxes.

Do you recommend any vendors at the Dripping Springs Farmer’s Market for healthy eating?

We are so fortunate to have the Farmer’s Market that we do. The vendors that are approved to
set up shop all have amazing products. From what I have seen, the farmers raise/grow their
products sustainably and without pesticide or hormone intervention. They each bring something
unique to the table.

We are currently shopping around for a quarter of a grass-fed cow to fill the freezer with and I
have my eye on a few surrounding farms!

Meghan Tynes Dripping Springs local nutritional therapist holding a shake

What do you love to do to stay active?

My favorite form of exercise is yoga! It helps me calm my mind, practice my breathing and really
helps tone my muscles. I also enjoy neighborhood walks. Highpointe has good trails to explore
and I usually end up running into a neighbor.

If you two could have a date night, where would you go and what would you do?

Date nights are really special and fun since we don’t go out to eat much. My husband and I will
go into South Austin and splurge on meals that I would never cook. Sushi and Italian are the go-to cuisine’s for us. Sammie’s Italian and Neighborhood Sushi have been amazing date night
spots for us!

What do you love most about living in Dripping Springs?

I love that there is still a small-town feel to the town, even though the growth is rapid. I’m also in
love with the potential of how many people I can help in this town!

Meghan Tynes Dripping Springs local nutritional therapist

How can people find you online?
Facebook: Tynes Wellness
Instagram: @tyneswellness

Dripping has so many innovative entrepreneurs and I love getting to know them! Do you have someone you think I should feature? Reach out and let me know!

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