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I first met Emily when I walked into an interest meeting for Dripping Springs Young Life. She was so bubbly and caring and made me feel immediately welcome as if I had always been involved in the organization. I quickly learned that she was building a tiny house to live in so that she could stay closer to the community that she taught in and was intrigued to hear more!

I wanted to introduce you to my friend, Emily, a local Dripping Springs High math teacher and basketball coach!

Emily Weyand, Dripping Springs High School math teacher, standing in front of her tiny house

What made you decide to become a teacher and coach?

When I was a high school student, I had several teachers and coaches who had a great impact on my life.

They were incredible humans who cared about more than my education, they cared about my overall well-being. I ended up majoring in math in college with a minor in secondary education.

My experiences in the classroom as a student teacher in college solidified my desire to make education my career path. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to learn from and support students as they navigate high school, which is the biggest privilege!

tiny house living room

How long have you been a teacher/coach at DSHS?

I have been teaching at DSHS since the 2020-2021 school year!

What do you love most about working with high school students?

High school students are some of the most resilient, brilliant, and hilarious people.

Everyday, I am impressed by how unique and gifted all of my students are. I am confident that the students in my classroom are going to do big things!

Emily Weyand, Dripping Springs High School math teacher, reading  in her tiny house

How did you decide to build a tiny house?

Building a tiny house has been a dream of mine since I was 16. I used to watch all the tiny house shows growing up and I thought they were the coolest. When I decided that I wanted to move from Austin to Dripping Springs last spring, I knew that now was the time that building a tiny house made the most sense, as it was the most cost-effective way to move to Dripping Springs.

What builder did you use?

Nook Tiny Homes out of Spicewood.

Emily Weyand, Dripping Springs High School math teacher, cooking in her tiny house

Was the design process easy?

The design process was super easy! I met with a team at Nook and explained the layout, features, and finishes I wanted to see in my future home. From there, they created a blueprint and design process and then the build began. All along the way, I was apart of the process picking finishes and paint colors.

How long did it take before it was ready?

My build began at the beginning of August and was done by the beginning of November.

Emily Weyand, Dripping Springs High School math teacher, drinking coffee in her tiny house

What do you love about living in a tiny house?

I love how cozy my home is! There’s something really special about scaling everything back and only having a home that contains everything I love the most! It’s also really cool to live in a home that I designed and decorated. My fingerprints are all over my home!

How did I decide what to keep and what to toss when I moved into my tiny house?

I loved going through all of my belongings as I moved into my tiny home. When it came to my clothes, if I had clothes that I didn’t love, I immediately donated them. I also went through my clothes and got rid of items that I had multiple of. I think our society has made us feel like we need to have more things to be seen as successful, when in actuality, there is so much freedom in scaling back and only having things that you really love.

Tiny house kitchen sink in Dripping Springs Texas

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not teaching and coaching?

I love going to OrangeTheory classes, riding my bike, reading, watching movies, spending time in coffee shops, and doing anything outside.

Where do you love to go to unwind after a stressful day of work?

Home! There’s nothing better than plopping down on the couch to read or watch a movie or tv show after work! Sometimes I’ll stop at Rootline coffee on the way home for an afternoon pick-me-up! I also love cooking and plan my meals in my mind on my drive home! Cooking is a fun way for me to express some creativity and gives me opportunities to host my friends for dinner!

Emily Weyand, Dripping Springs High School math teacher, climbing a ladder in her tiny house

Where can local people serve the youth of Dripping Springs?

I am a YoungLife leader at DSHS and absolutely love it! I also suggest getting involved any youth programs at the churches around Dripping Springs!

Emily Weyand, Dripping Springs High School math teacher reading a book in her tiny house

How can we follow your journey online?

I have an Instagram account called @tooter_goes_tiny where I’ll be showcasing my tiny house experiences!

I love meeting the locals who are making a big impact in Dripping Springs. Do you know of anyone who should be featured on my blog? Just let me know!

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