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Wondering what the weather is like in Dripping Springs, Texas? Well it is kind of ALL over the place lately!! From the great Snowpocalypse of 2021, the once in a 100 year ice storm of 2023, the second hottest summer on record in 2023, severe drought and then heavy rains in the spring and fall… Dripping Springs has experienced a wide range of weather patterns in the last few years!

Snow storm in Dripping Springs, Texas

When I think of the weather in this area I think of it as sublime from February-May, scorching hot and humid from June through the end of August and then sublime again at the end of October-January. We may have some colder weather in January-February, but it’s not too bad! Most days it is in the 50s-60s in the winter here.

January : The year kicks off with cooler temperatures, averaging between 39°F to 60°F.

February: A slight uptick in warmth, with temperatures ranging from 42°F to 64°F. The occasional cold front can still sweep through, so keep a jacket handy.

Bluebonnets in Dripping Springs, Texas

Wildflowers begin popping up in March and bluebonnets litter the highway ditches and ranches for 2-3 weeks from March-May and then the colors begin unfolding all over the hill country with beautiful purple, red and yellow wildflowers! It is truly one of the most beautiful areas to live in and visit! The grass also starts to turn green at the beginning of March. Click HERE for a blog post of the best places to see wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country!

March: Spring begins to bloom, bringing warmer days with temperatures between 49°F to 72°F.

April: A beautiful month with mild temperatures, averaging 56°F to 80°F.

Wildflower field in Dripping Springs, Texas

May: Warms up significantly, with averages from 65°F to 86°F.

The swimming holes open up after Memorial Day and it is all water activities until Labor Day. Blue Hole in Wimberley, big water parks, public swimming pools and more are frequented with season pass holders and vacationers who want to escape the sweltering Texas summer heat!

Lake Travis water in Austin, Texas

Lake Travis and Canyon Lake are popular destinations for boaters, jet skiing and swimming in the summer.

June: Summer arrives with temperatures spanning from 71°F to 91°F.

July: The heat peaks, with averages soaring between 73°F and 95°F. Early mornings or evenings are best for outdoor activities to avoid the midday sun.

Wake Boarding in Lake Travis

As the summer drags on the families with pools host pool parties to keep the kids outdoors and off screens! It feels like you are trying to look for a new water activity every other day to stay active and survive the heat!

August: Similar to July, with temperatures ranging from 72°F to 95°F. A perfect month for exploring the local springs and waterholes.

Swimming in Dripping Springs, Texas

September: Begins the transition to fall, with temperatures from 68°F to 90°F. The heat starts to break, making way for more outdoor festivals and community events.

Once the school year begins September can be a bit more reasonable with temps bumping down into the 80s-90s and you’ll see more people going to the outdoor breweries and distilleries and enjoying time outdoors just hanging out with family and friends.

Commons Ford Park Austin, Texas in the fall

October and November are PRIME time to enjoy outdoor festivals, hiking and exploring all of the beauty that this area gives!

October: A relief from the heat, with averages between 57°F to 82°F. The changing leaves provide a beautiful backdrop for hiking and enjoying the local vineyards.

November: Cooler still, with temperatures ranging from 47°F to 72°F.

Pedernales Falls State Park in Dripping Springs, Texas

December is also wonderful as it can be warm enough to wear t-shirts one day and cool enough to wear sweaters and fun Christmas attire the next.

December: The chill returns, with averages from 39°F to 62°F.

Austin Texas at Christmas time

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