A weekend in Dripping Springs for an Enneagram 9

I had this idea a few weeks ago to start a weekend itinerary for Dripping Springs based on the Enneagram personality profiles!

Tourism is a huge part of the local economy (along with all of those guests for the hundreds of weddings we host here!) and knowing what’s available is so helpful!

I have people from all over contact me online to ask where to go when they visit the area and my first questions are about their personality and what sounds fun to them. Are they introverts or extroverts? Do they love adventure or relaxing? History or experiences?

I try to figure out what to recommend tailored to their personality preferences and then recently decided to make an entire blog thread with ideas so that I can send them out when people ask!

Here is my final one for the Enneagram 9!!

Type 9, known as “The Peacemaker,” focusing on a weekend trip to Dripping Springs, Texas. This itinerary is designed to resonate with Type 9’s love for peace, harmony, and simple pleasures.

A Weekend of Serenity and Simple Joys in Dripping Springs: An Itinerary for the Gentle Soul

Day 1: Arrival & Tranquility

Stay at Mystic Sky Ranch: Check into the serene Mystic Sky Ranch. The peaceful surroundings and cozy accommodations will instantly make you feel at home. Take a cooking class or just sit on the patios and enjoy looking at the beautiful hill country!

Dinner on the Patio at Palomas: Enjoy a leisurely dinner on the patio at Palomas. The relaxed atmosphere and delicious Mexican food will set the tone for a tranquil weekend.

Flight of Beer at Beerburg: End your evening with a flight of beer at Beerburg. The variety of brews will offer a laid-back and enjoyable experience. They have a frisbee golf course outside if you’ve got a good aim! They also serve homemade ice cream- yum!

Fair Lane Coffee Dripping Springs Texas

Day 2: Simple Pleasures & Nature

Breakfast at Fairlane Coffee: Start your day with a comforting breakfast at Fairlane Coffee. The cozy ambiance will be a perfect start to your day. Your kids can run around in the fenced in play area and you can enjoy indoor or outdoor seating!

Wander Around the Farmers Market: Spend some time wandering around the local Farmers Market. The fresh produce and handmade goods will appeal to your love for simple and authentic experiences.

Dripping Springs Texas Farmers Market

Relax at Reimer’s Ranch: Pitch a tent and spread your picnic blankets and spend your afternoon relaxing at the river beach at Reimer’s Ranch. The natural setting will offer a perfect opportunity for some much-needed downtime. You can spend the whole afternoon sunbathing or playing in the water. There are miles of hiking trails along the riverbank and even some cool rock climbing areas!

Dinner at Carmella’s: Wrap up your day with a delightful dinner at Carmella’s. The cozy atmosphere and hearty Italian fare will be a perfect end to a peaceful day. They serve seafood, soups, salads and Italian food!

Day 3: Nature & Farewell

Brunch at Leaning Pear in Wimberley: Start your last day with a delicious brunch at Leaning Pear in Wimberley. The charming setting and scrumptious food will be a treat for your senses.

Walk Around Arnosky Farms and Blanco Lavender Farm: Spend your final hours leisurely walking around Arnosky Farms and Blanco Lavender Farm. The aromatic lavender and vibrant flowers will offer a soothing and delightful experience.

Arnosky Family Farms Blanco Texas


This weekend in Dripping Springs offers a blend of tranquility, simple pleasures, and natural beauty, all tailored to the peaceful and harmonious nature of an Enneagram Type 9. From leisurely meals on patios to relaxing afternoons by the river, every moment is designed to engage your love for peace and simplicity.

Well that wraps up all 9 Enneagram personalities! Want to see the other Enneagram weekends? Click here to read more!

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