Dripping Springs local lender recommendations

Who you work with matters, that’s why I love teaming up with LOCAL lenders to provide the 1-2 punch to create a great experience for your real estate journey.

Why is it important to use a local lender you might ask? Isn’t Shuttle Mortgage and Shells Fargo easier to use? Well yes and no. You may be able to apply online and send out your information into the interwebs to hear back on a pre-approval, but what you probably won’t get is someone who will work on your file consistently from start to finish with you as a priority client.

Local lenders are connected to the community and for the most part we see them out and about and sometimes even know where they live. It is much easier to get great customer service from a local lender who cares deeply about their reputation, their customer service and the job they do. You aren’t just a number with a local lender, you are a client that they get to know and love.

So who do I recommend? These are some that have great reputations and are highly invested in the community and customer service:

Trey Powers, City Bank Mortgage, tpowers@city.bank

Fawn Crosby, Neighborhood Loans, fcrosby@neighborhoodloans.com

Curtis Mueller, Fairway Mortgage, curtis.mueller@fairwaymc.com

Marie-Lynn Dunn, Cross Country Mortgage, mdunn@ccm.com

Michael Lux, Texas Regional Bank, mlux@texasregionalbank.com

It’s important to find a lender with great reviews and one that you click with. Give them a call and find your perfect match!

Need a few more? Just reach out and am happy to tell you a few more to reach out to!