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You know that I focus on the Dripping Springs area on my blog, but you can’t ignore the incredible adventure located just 25 miles east of us! Today I wanted to show you one of Austin’s weirdest hidden gems… something to definitely cross off of your bucket list!

Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, a place known for its live music, world famous BBQ, and a culture that pledges to “Keep Austin Weird”, there exists an outlandishly quirky marvel in someone’s backyard that epitomizes this city’s spirit… welcome to the Cathedral of Junk!

Cathedral of Junk with Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

I first heard of the Cathedral of Junk in 2008 when I saw a wedding photographer post photos inside this place. I had never seen anything like it and knew that I had to visit it. Last week I took my kids and their cousins to see it after calling Vince to make sure that he was home. It’s in his backyard. He will let you know what hours he is available to open his gate.

Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

You’ll drive up to a subdivision (park a block to the south on the curve) and wonder if you’re in the right place… you are! Walk on up to his side gate and he should be there with his pups to open the gate and tell you a bit about the place.

4422 Lareina Drive, Austin, TX 78745

Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas donation box

Call to schedule a tour with Vince-1 512-299-7413.

The Cathedral operates on a suggested donation basis, so your generosity is appreciated.

Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas Beethoven scene

The Cathedral of Junk, brainchild of the innovative artist Vince Hannemann, is not your typical architectural wonder. There is no carved stone, no stained glass, and no towering spires reaching for the heavens. Instead, it is a whimsically chaotic assembly of everyday items – from bicycle parts, kitchen utensils, old CDs, mannequins, and old toys, to various odds and ends – all meticulously bound together to create a cathedral unlike any you’ve seen before.

Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

Its story begins in 1988, when Hannemann started constructing this eccentric masterpiece in his backyard, with a vision to celebrate the ‘throw-away’ culture through his art. Over the years, with nearly 60 tons of junk, it has grown into a 3 story wonderland! Each layer unfolds a new assortment of objects, a testament to our daily lives, transformed into a meaningful mosaic of imagination and creativity.

Kids at Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

This ‘Sanctuary of Scrap’ encapsulates the very essence of Austin’s idiosyncratic charm. It speaks to those seeking an experience that strays from the beaten path, reaching out to the explorers, the art aficionados, and the curiosity-driven travelers, offering them a trip into the unconventional side of Austin.

Creepy dolls at Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

So, if you’re in Austin and are intrigued by the city’s quirky underbelly, a visit to the Cathedral of Junk is an absolute must! It’s more than a pile of discarded items; it’s an embodiment of Austin’s creative spirit, a celebration of unconventional beauty, and an unorthodox monument that, in its own unique way, stands as a testament to the adage that one man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure.

Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

Remember, in a city where weirdness is cherished and where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the Cathedral of Junk is Austin in a nutshell! Make sure to mark it off of your Austin area bucket list!

Front of Cathedral of Junk by Vince Hannemann Austin Texas

Do you love Austin and the Texas Hill Country? So do I! I want to explore everything about this area and show you how much fun it is to live here. Just follow along on my blog to see more adventures in and around the Austin area.

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