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quarter horse in a  Driftwood, Texas barn
Horses, photography, hiking and swimming holes. I felt like Sigrid and I were cut from the same cloth when we met!

I, too, fell in love with horses when I was in elementary school and finally made my dream a reality when I was 22 by following my husband around for two weeks asking him if I could buy a horse while leaving a toy horse everywhere he went until he finally relented.

2 days later I was the proud owner of a sorrel gelding named Revelation Song and I was flying through fields on him.

I met Sigrid out at her home close to Driftwood on a cloudy morning and we talked horses, photography, and about both of us moving to Dripping Springs. She was such a wonderful new friend and I wanted you all to meet her!
quarter horse in a  Driftwood, Texas barn

Hey Sigrid! Tell us about yourself…

Hi, I am Sigrid! I am from Norway and moved to Texas with my Canadian Husband and our two boys in 2017.

I love horses, traveling, nature, hiking, animals and photography.

I have two cow horses, Boon and Garfield, and I compete actively in ranch sorting and team penning. I have a degree in Engineering, I am a certified yoga teacher and now i am taking photography courses and wanting to get into pet and Equine photography.

I always enjoy learning new things 

Sigrid and her quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

What brought you from across the Atlantic in Norway to land here in Texas?

My husband job brought us from Norway to Canada and then down to Texas. 

Quarter Horse yawning

You lived in Canada for a while, what was it like living there compared to Texas?

I loved Calgary.

It’s a beautiful city and so close to the Rocky Mountains.A big difference from Canada and here is the climate. In Calgary winter lasted from November to April, and a snowstorm in the beginning of May is not uncommon. I do love the mild winters and nice weather in Texas:) My husband’s family is still in Calgary so we get to go visit lots. Calgary has more space and has more of a wild feel to it.

Sigrid and her quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

What brought you to the Dripping Springs/Driftwood area?

When we first moved my husband’s office was in Houston, so we rented a house in Katy. Then last year he was offered a position at the Austin office and we were both very happy to make the move up to Hill county and Driftwood. I had my horses stalled when we lived in Katy and it was a dream come true to have them at home like i do now. And it was wonderful moving back to a place with more nature like we are used to from Norway and Canada 

Sigrid and her quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

When did your love for horses first begin?

It’s always been there.

From I was very little i would always ask to go see the horses and want to pet any dog that me meet. I started taking lessons at 7 and got my first show jumping pony when i was 12. I basically lived at the stables as a teenager, worked as an instructor, rode my horse, hung out with my friends and competed on weekends. So many great memories:)

Silhouette of a Quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

What was your first horse’s name? 

King’s Touch. He was a sorrel with a white mark on his hip. 

Sigrid riding her quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

How did you get into ranch sorting and cattle penning competitions?

Back in Norway I did English riding and rode show jumpers. I had never even heard of Ranch Sorting or Team Penning before i came to Texas. A friend of my husband, back in Canada, knew another Canadian family that had recently moved to Katy and put us in touch. She was into cow horses and let me come ride with her and try sorting on her horses. I was hooked and 6 months later i bought my first cow horse, Boon. He was such a good beginner horse and took great care of me those first two years while learning a new sport. It was a humbling experience being a beginner on a horse again.

Sigrid riding her quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

Tell us about your Quarter Horse, Garfield…

Garfield is a 8 year old gelding and an own son of Highbrow Cat (a famous cutting horse) I got him January last year and up until then he was a cutting horse. When i got him I started sorting and penning on him and he transitioned really well. He is a very good horse and it has taken me some time to learn to ride him properly. He is so fast and moves a lot bigger than Boon. I really went out of my comfort zone with him, but now it’s all coming together and its the coolest feeling riding him. He is so honest, always gives his best no matter what and rides the same every time.

We had our first win a couple of weeks ago!

At home in the barn he is so loving, friendly and has a big personality. He just makes me laugh. I still ride my old horse, Boon, but he is proving to be a great horse for my husband and we go on lot of trail rides together.

Lucky to have two horses that are so great 

Sigrid riding her quarter horse in Driftwood, Texas

Where are your favorite places to trail ride with your horses in this area?

My favorite trail is at Reimer’s Ranch.

Footing is great and it’s so beautiful.

Makes me feel like i am in an old western movie.

I also have a membership at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park.

They have a really nice indoor arena, outdoor arena and some lovely trails. They will be having some ranch sorting shows there this fall so that will be so fun to compete her in Dripping.

Sigrid and her chickens in Driftwood, Texas

How many farm animals do you have and what was the inspiration for getting them?

We have two horses (they were the main reason for getting an acreage) We also have 8 chicken, 3 ducks, 3 barn cats and a rescue dog:)The previous owner asked if we wanted to take over his flock of chickens so that how we got into having them. We have since added 4 chicks and 2 duckling. Chickens are so much more fun than i imagined and i love the farm fresh eggs!

Sigrid and her chickens in Driftwood, Texas

How did you get into photography and what is your favorite thing to photograph?

I have always liked to take pictures and my dad is a great photographer so I definitely got lots of inspiration from him, but i wasn’t until I started my IG account last fall that I realized how much I love taking pictures.

My favorite thing to photograph is horses, It would be a dream to get into Equine photography one day. I also enjoy pet photography, wildlife and landscape pictures. And obviously documenting my boys and our family adventures

Sigrid and her chickens in Driftwood, Texas

What do you love most about raising your kids in the Dripping Springs area?

Its a fabulous place to raise kids! Happy for them to grow up on a small farm with animals and nature.Love all the hiking places, swimming holes and also the good schools. My 4 year old goes to Havenwood Nature school and I am so happy for him to have all that outdoor time and get to be a kid while still learning lots. And my oldest is thriving in DSISD.

Sigrid and her chickens in Driftwood, Texas

If you could take a friend who doesn’t know much about this area to spend one day living it up in the Dripping/Driftwood area, where would you take them and what would you do?

So many cool places to go.

On a warm day we would start the morning with a trail ride at Reimer’s ranch park and spend the afternoon at the Blue Hole Regional park in Wimberley. Its my favorite swim hole and such a gorgeous place.

Then we would spend the evening at Tattorina Lisina and the Duchman Family Winery

Such beautiful grounds, good food and great wine!

Sigrid and her dog in Driftwood, Texas

Do you have any insider tips for people moving into the area or secret places to go or things to do?

So much to do. Reimer’s Ranch Park: hike the climbers canyon down to river and have a swim (or just go swimming) Blue hole regional park (my fav) but remember that swim passes are required) Hamilton Pools is also gorgeous (not sure if they have reopened for swimming…)

For my daily morning walks with my dog I always go to Charro Ranch park, Its beautiful and has lots of trails.

With the kids we love to go to 12 Fox brewery, Vista Brewery, Treaty Oaks and Tattorina Lisina They all have lots of space for the kiddos to run around and playgrounds to play on.

Shady Lama is another cool place closer to Wimberley.

Sigrid and her camera in Driftwood, Texas

Where can we find you on social media?

On Instagram @countrylivingtexas

Do you know of someone who is looking to move into the Dripping Springs area? I would love to help them explore this area and find them the perfect spot to land and sink roots into this beautiful town! Have them send me an email or text and I can get them set up on a FREE MLS search to help them find exactly what they are looking for!


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