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I love the unique ways that I meet all of my different blog features. Some are neighbors, social media acquaintances, or people I run into around town and this one happened to walk into an open house last weekend and we hit it off! Natalie was so fun, open and engaging to talk with. I just kept asking more and more questions and uncovered that she is a crazy successful entrepreneur in the local short term rental space.

She’s been featured on podcasts (even one affiliated with and just doesn’t stop thinking, creating and jumping into new endeavors. I wanted to introduce you to my new friend and all of her STR service oriented businesses…

Natalie Blanco at Eco Ranch airbnb

How did you come up with the idea to start Magic Helpers? 

I came to Austin,TX from Puerto Rico for an amazing job opportunity. Long story- short, after a few promotions and another really great job opportunity as Regional Manager in one of the top Executive Co-Working companies in Austin- I decided to leave my high paying job to pursue my dream and purpose in life- BUSINESS.

Problem was, I didn’t know what business to start so I went to my financial advisor and asked me a few questions. I  told him that the best company to start would be one that required little to no capital at all and I mentioned…”a cleaning company”.

He said that was a great idea and he mentioned how he has multiple Airbnb units but hate cleaning and “turning over” the unit and that’s when the light bulb in my head came up. I decided to start a Airbnb or Vacation Rental Exclusive Housekeeping & Concierge company- Magic Helpers.

Natalie Blanco of Casa Blanco Design and Eco Ranch

Your mom is your right hand person, tell us about her… 

She’s my everything. She has been my #1 supporter since my first business venture at 7 years old-ish, drawing tattoos at school and transferring them to my friend’s bodies for an “upcharge of 0.05c”. She is my best friend and my rock! She’s also a badass and is currently the COO of Magic Helpers & Hostly.

We will soon be opening together our Home Accessory E-commerce store, Ana + Natalia. It was her dream since she was a little girl to design home furniture and accessories so I wanted to give her that. She deserves the world. 

Natalie Blanco at Eco Ranch airbnb

How did Magic Helpers evolve into creating other businesses of short term rental management and design? 

I saw a huge opportunity in the space. When we started as a cleaning company there was just one other company who did STR cleanings in Austin, but their services were very superficial.

We went DEEP and asked every single one of our customers what they wanted and what they needed and we kept building our business from what our customers- AKA the “Magic Fam” really wanted. Never what we thought they needed.

This is how it evolved into Magic Helpers, then Hostly Vacation Rental Management, Casa Blanco Designs and coming soon Hospitalibee. I’ve also met amazing people that have become my partners in different business ventures like MODA Custom Homes. At MODA we build and remodel homes. We flip to sell or flip and make them into vacation rentals. It’s all pretty amazing!

 Eco Ranch Austin, Texas Casa Blanca Designs

What is your inspiration for designing other people’s homes and what does the process look like? 

My mother and I were extremely passionate about Interior Design and decorating since…forever. When the opportunity presented itself, it was a no-brainer! 

Natalie Blanco and her Norwegian Pygmy goats at Eco Ranch airbnb

You have 5 pet goats and many more animals on the Eco Ranch… what drew you to having pet goats? 

There’s nothing in this world that is more consistent than animals. They are predictable and with predictability comes peace. You know what to expect from them.

My business partner, Scott, was the one who inspired me to get my own ranch and animals. Once I experienced the joy and tranquility the animals provided to the land and to us just being surrounded by them… I had to get my own.

Now, they’re my babies. I treat them as such and I love them as such. 

Natalie Blanco and her Norwegian Pygmy goats at Eco Ranch airbnb

Which one is your favorite

Haha! Cash is my favorite. She is the sweetest girl and truly acts like a pet.

Almost like a dog. She loves love, she’s amazing!

Natalie Blanco and her Norwegian Pygmy goats at Eco Ranch airbnb

When did you buy your first STR? 

I bought my first STR 2 years ago, it was a small apartment up North. Had to learn the hard way about HOA & STR. Gwrrr. 

Natalie Blanco at Eco Ranch airbnb

What do you hope that your airbnb guests will feel when they come to one of your properties? 

I want them to have an experience, whether they’re close to downtown or here in the Hill Country I want them to have a memorable experience. I want them to feel at home, I want them to feel that we take care of them.

 Eco Ranch Austin, Texas Casa Blanca Designs

When you stay in one of our Airbnb, this is what you experience every time. Little details we leave out for guests make them special, comfy bedding, amenities and so much more create that memorable experience we want them to enjoy.

Better than a hotel, you’re staying in one of the Casa Blanco properties. 

Natalie Blanco in front of Eco Ranch Austin, Texas Casa Blanca Designs

What advice do you give to people who are interested in buying their first STR in this area? 

Do your research , You have to spend money to make money, Guests are #1 no matter what. Oh, and you better have a big budget in the current housing market.

Natalie Blanco in front of Eco Ranch Austin, Texas

What do you love about having a property near Dripping Springs? 

Everything! Even the air feels different. To me, Dripping Springs has some kind of Magic in the air.

I don’t want to ever leave. 

Eco Ranch Austin, Texas Alpaca

What is your favorite thing to do here to just get away from the city, your busy work life and relax? 

Honestly, there’s nothing that I rather do than be and  take care of my goats and chickens haha!

Eco Ranch Austin, Texas Emu

How can people find you on social media and read more about your services? 

Follow me for weird and crazy day today life: @nblanco75
Magic Helpers: @themagichelpers
Hostly: @myhostly
Casa Blanco Studio: @casablancostudio

The Casa Blanco Ranch: @casablancoranch
Eco Valley Wedding Venue and & Accommodations: @ecovalleyatx

Are you interested in purchasing a short term rental property in the Austin/Texas Hill Country area and don’t know where to begin? I’m a local Realtor and can help navigate you in the right direction and then have multiple resources to help jump start your journey once you’ve closed. Just email or call today and we can talk through the process and begin the property hunt! and 512-569-8480

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