My closing gift to you

I can remember the excitement of moving into our new home.

The nerves and anxiety until the final moments of walking into the closing, the reined in anticipation of getting the keys and the overwhelming thought of having to unpack the house with three rowdy kids to watch over in the middle of the process.

The closing was run by experienced professionals without a hiccup and thirty minutes later we were walking into our brand new home to see a box of my favorite bundt cupcakes sitting on the counter. I grabbed the lemon raspberry one and went into my new master bathroom and jumped up and down.

Yes, I did.

I’m telling you this because home buying is SUCH an emotional process of ups and downs. Yes, there are a lot of details and paperwork, but it is all for the place that you plan to land and be your safe haven.

It’s like the wild west out there and anything can happen during the 30-60 day contract period, so having it all behind you can definitely cause you to let out your excitement when it’s finalized, happy dance or not.

There should always be some sort of celebration and way to commemorate your huge move!

After 18 years of being a professional portrait photographer I want to celebrate this moment with you all by gifting you a front porch family photo session with 50 custom “WE’VE MOVED” postcards to send out to your family and friends. It will be a milestone that you won’t forget and we can memorialize it with a beautiful family photo in front of your new home.

I love that my journey in entrepreneurship, preserving family memories and photography can meld in perfectly with my profession as a Realtor! It brings a deep sense of connection with the heartbeat behind why you are moving and you can always look back at the photos and remember it with joy.

So after you close with me you can schedule your front porch session at your convenience and enjoy sharing your new announcement and address with the world!

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"Lauren has been in continuous contact with us the
entire process so far. Lauren has shared multiple resources
and hidden gems for a family relocating from out of state.

Lauren has been, and is still is readily available by phone,
text or email (in person when needed) when we have ANY
question about the area, the process, the contacts, basically
anything a person relocating could need. Lauren has been,
and will continue to be a great advocate for us with our
home builder."

- David and Lisa
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